PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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NSF, the Humane Society & GQ Launch the Stop Puppy Mills Project

Morgan Hotel Penthouse. July 22, 2009. By Bennett Marcus

Do your friends like your dog? “I’m sometimes a bit jealous about how much energy and attention he gets. People will call me and say, I want to hang out with your dog.’ What about me?” —Josh Lucas

Nellie McKay

Do you ever think of putting your dog in commercials? “There’s only one of us in the family that will be doing that, and that would be me.” —Beth Ostrosky

Nick Friedberg, NSF designer

What’s the most embarrassing thing your dog has done in public? “I walked him outside of my building and he peed on the doorman’s leg.” —Mark Indelicato

Erin Lucas

Sara Paxton

Why did you name your dog Stella? “Whenever I get mad, I can just belt it out like Marlon Brando does in A Streetcar Named Desire.” —Ben Hollingsworth

Nico Tortorella

Are you a dog person? “I actually have a cat. His name is Oscar Wilde.” —Ashley Madekwe

Eric Jennings

How do you feel about dogs? “I love dogs. I’ve dated several.” —Carson Kressley

party lines image