PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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‘Adam’ Screening Presented by the Cinema Society & Brooks Brothers

AMC Loews 19th Street East & Gramercy Park Hotel. July 28, 2009. By Bennett Marcus

New York Magazine and Vanity Fair both included you on lists of sexy British actors. Have people started treating you like a sex symbol? “No. Only if they’re carrying around a copy of that list, and that would just be weird.” —Hugh Dancy

Claire Danes

How did you perfect your American accent for this film? “I watched Family Ties as a child—that's the trick. Alex P. Keaton, he’s my coach.” —Rose Byrne

Bee Shaffer

Zac Posen

Did you ever have an affair with a neighbor, like the couple in the movie does? “Oh, God no! You have to never even know your neighbor if you can help it.” Sounds like you're a New Yorker. “Exactly.” —Amy Irving

Jennifer Creel

Yigal Azrouël

Hugh Dancy and Rose Byrne had to speak in American accents for the film. Did you give them tips? “I liked to tease them. I’d say, here I am working with two foreigners. Get me some American people in here!” —Frankie Faison

Olympia Dukakis

Thom Filicia

Two neighbors fall in love in the movie. Since you wrote it, was that part based on experience? “Actually, that happened once and it lasted exactly a day.” —Max Mayer, Director and Screenwriter

Joanna Garcia

Fern Mallis

Does your mom, Susan Sarandon, approve of you playing a stripper for your role in the TV show Californication? “My mom came to a strip class with me, actually. She had been so curious about it, and she tried a little bit. She was awesome.” —Eva Amurri

Luke Parker Bowles

Charlotte Ronson

Did seeing this movie change your views on Asperger’s syndrome, since the main character has it? “I have to say the idea of dating somebody with Asperger’s — it becomes more and more appealing because they’re just completely brutally honest about everything.” —Duncan Sheik

party lines image