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‘Taking Woodstock’ Premiere Hosted by Gilt Groupe and Quintessentially

Landmark’s Sunshine Cinema and Bowery Hotel. July 29, 2009. By Catherine Coreno and Jada Yuan

Did you try acid to get ready for this movie? “No, I have all these food allergies, so I’ve tried very few things in my life. I’m afraid of getting high and being like, ‘I don’t care what kind of sandwich this is!’ And then people are all like, ‘How’d he die? Well, he got high and couldn’t resist a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.’” —Demetri Martin

Meryl Streep

Were you worried about your scene with full-frontal nudity? “I was so into it. The only sketch part about the whole ordeal was that a lot of the extras have iPhones. I was like, ‘I hope there’s not a bunch of crazy naked videos and photos of me.’” —Emile Hirsch

Anna Wintour

Have you tried acid? “I’m embarrassed to say I never have. My kids want me to because they think it’s pretty cool. But that’s when I told them to stop. I made a women’s movie–I didn’t go through a sex-change operation.” —Ang Lee, Director

Vanessa Carlton

What was the hardest thing to re-create in the movie? “Our favorite joke was how 40 years ago, young people had their pubic hair. So when we cast the extras for the lake scene, we literally had to cast the women, like, two months early and say, ‘You have to let it grow.’” —James Schamus, Screenwriter (Getty Images)

Hugh Dancy

Were your parents hippies? “My parents were always really adamant about defining themselves as artists rather than hippies. But you know what? They’re total hippies.” —Claire Danes

Matthew Settle

You arrived here from London at 3 p.m. today. How are you feeling? “Like I’m on acid. But maybe that’s partly from watching the movie.” —Liev Schreiber

Anna Sui

What in this movie reminded you of your youth? “The drugs.” —Julian Schnabel

Sebastian Stan

Ever visit a dairy farm with your mom, Meryl Streep? “I actually grew up on the farm where we filmed. Literally. When my parents moved from the city, we moved up right next to John Perotti’s farm in Millerton, New York. He even had a prize bovine named Meryl.” —Mamie Gummer

Cheyenne Jackson

Can mud and nudity and drugs solve world problems? “The idea of Woodstock and the beauty of trust, and of innocence and of having faith in your fellow person without knowing anything about them, can.” —Jonathan Groff

Skylar Astin

Have you ever tried acid? “In college. One of the very first times, I was trying to get back to my dorm room and the doorknob kept dropping. I kept on going to grab it and it kept on dropping.” —Dan Fogler

Nanette Lepore

Does this party embody Woodstock for you? “Sort of. All I know is I smelled pot by the bar, and why aren’t they sharing?” —Peter Som

Lily Donaldson

Have you ever tried any psychedelic drugs? “I would say I have a fairly appropriate background to do some technical advice on this movie.” —Celia Costas (Getty Images)

Maulik Pancholy

Have you tried acid before? “I actually have never. I’m more of a seventies-disco man than I am a sixties man, so I love that this movie totally opened my eyes to peace and love, and really enjoying the moment.” —Brian Reyes

Byrdie Bell

Have you ever tried acid? “Acid? Never. I’m way too afraid of those kinds of drugs, no. In Paris where I grew up, I was not surrounded by that extreme kind of drugs. Pot, things like that, existed around me, but acid, no.” —Gilles Mendel

Yigal Azrouël

Are fashion shows still relevant? “We need fashion shows. I think once we lose fashion shows, we’d be in a very sad place in fashion. I’d be devastated.” —Rachel Zoe

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