PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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‘Julie & Julia’ Premiere and After-Party

Ziegfeld Theater and Metropolitan Club. July 30, 2009. By Bennett Marcus

Did you gain weight when you were filming? “I did. I ate 36 bruschette in a row one day. They put a bucket next to me because they thought I was going to throw up. I didn’t.” —Chris Messina

Amy Adams

Is this movie going to do anything for food awareness? “At the end of the day, Mastering the Art of French Cooking is going to sell all over again like a motherfucker. And that can only be a good thing.” —Anthony Bourdain

Meryl Streep

Jillian Bach

Did you gain weight while shooting the movie? “No, but everyone else did.” —Nora Ephron

Julie Powell

Did you try any new foods while filming this movie? “I’m allergic to dairy, so when I was in Paris I just kind of let it go. I brought a lot of Lactaid with me.” —Stanley Tucci

Rachael Ray

Tina Brown (Getty Images)

Did you gain weight while working on this movie? “Well, I was the martini mixer, so I just drank. I’m a drinkie, not a foodie.” —Deborah Rush

Yoko Ono

Do you ever use your kitchen? “Um, about two years ago.” —Patricia Clarkson

Frances Sternhagen

Steve Buscemi

What’s the worst cooking disaster you've ever had? “I was 8 years old and I almost burned the house down. I was making hamburgers, and then I poured in the Courvoisier VSOP and the flames shot up. Luckily there were no sprinklers—otherwise Peter Cooper Village would have been very upset with me.” —Drew Nieporent

Barbara Walters

Did you ever have a life-changing revelation? “Oh yeah. I’ve had many—many, many. One was finding Julia Child’s cookbook.” —Martha Stewart

Andrew Cuomo

Are you a cook? “I’m a non-cook. I’m a dishwasher, I’m a cleaner-upper. I will scrape, I’ll wash, I’ll wring, but I wouldn’t ask me to cook very much.” —Bob Balaban

Arianna Huffington

Gayle King

Do you ever actually eat at home? “I’m the cook.” —Nina Zagat “I grill.” —Tim Zagat

Sam Rockwell

Katie Lee Joel

Have you ever had any cooking disasters? “No, no, but I definitely had to, like, scrub and clean for awhile, which really made me mad. So then I just went out for a bagel.” —Kelly Choi

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