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World Premiere of ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’

Ziegfeld Theatre. August 12, 2009. By Bennett Marcus

What would you change if you could travel back in time? “Nothing. I don’t want to mess anything up.” —Rachel McAdams

Brad Pitt

Do you cry in movies? “I cry at sports.” —Eric Bana

Brooklynn Proulx

Would it annoy you to have a time-traveling spouse? “Yeah, I think so. I think if my wife was waking up naked and somewhere else, I would want a pretty good explanation. And I’m not sure time travel would be the one that I would settle on.” —Ron Livingston

Elie Tahari

Would you ever want the ability to time travel? “I think it would be really cool, because you could be like, ‘Yeah, I think I want to go have some more ice cream,’ then just go back in time and eat it again.” —Hailey McCann

Bruce Joel Rubin, Screenwriter

Did you have any reservations about making this movie? “Yeah, it’s a 500-plus-page narrative that has to be transposed into a cinematic format, but once you’ve committed to the love story, that’s when the organic process of making a film really starts.” —Robert Schwentke, Director

Dede Gardner, Producer

You play Eric Bana’s time-traveling daughter. Did he teach you any breaking-and-entering techniques? “Actually, they did end up teaching me how to do it, and everybody kind of got scared. They were like, ‘Wait, she knows how to pick locks!’” —Tatum McCann

Toby Emmerich

Where would you go if you could go back in time? “I would definitely go back to when I was 4 years old, when I had zero cares in the world other than how long I could play outside for.” —Jane McLean

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