PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Private Screening & Dinner in Celebration Of ‘My One and Only’

Goose Creek and the Blue Parrot, East Hampton, New York. August 15, 2009. By Mike Vilensky

In this movie, your character takes a road trip after a breakup. Do you like to take road trips? “Oh yeah! I’m from Texas, it’s a prerequisite. You have to be a road-tripper to live in Texas.” —Renée Zellweger

Jon Bon Jovi

This film is loosely based on your life. Did you get teary when you watched it? “Yes. And that’s not an easy thing for me to do, ’cause that’s not my nature. And not just because it’s my life, but because of the acting.” —George Hamilton

Tory Burch

Who was your least favorite character on NYC Prep? “Jessie was the girl who was mean to me in high school. She was that girl, and that girl can never win. She’ll be one of those tragic traginistas. That’s my new word — traginista.” —Bethenny Frankel

Calvin Klein

Your new talk show premieres next month. Are you nervous about it? “I worked as an employment counselor, so in case I get fired I can counsel myself.” —Joy Behar

Yigal Azrouël

Linda Wells

Do you enjoy Fashion Week? “Enjoy? Enjoy is a weird word. It’s work. Work is more what it’s about.” So it’s not fun? “No.” —Marc Jacobs

Dennis Basso

In this film, Renée’s character goes on a road trip after a breakup. Did you ever do anything crazy after a breakup? “I went to the Delano in Miami after a breakup, with my four girlfriends. That was where I met my next boyfriend. You always meet somebody in Miami.” —Marci Klein

Gina Glickman

Bob Colacello

What’s your favorite thing to do in the Hamptons? “Obviously polo and horses.” Isn’t that work for you? “It doesn’t really feel like work. Although it is.” —Nacho Figueras

party lines image