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Cinema Society, Hugo Boss, and Grey Goose Screen ‘Inglourious Basterds’

School of Visual Arts & Standard Hotel. August 17, 2009. By Bennett Marcus and Tali Yahalom

Is Quentin Tarantino’s dialogue difficult to perform? “There are so many parts for women in Hollywood that are so dumbed down and you’re put into this position where you’re this pretty little object that sits by and watches the action happen around her. It was so nice to actually get dialogue that you had to think about.” —Diane Kruger

Michelle Monaghan

Will Harvey Weinstein kick your ass if this movie is not a box-office hit? “Uh, if it’s not a box-office hit, he probably deserves to kick my ass.” —Quentin Tarantino

Harvey Weinstein

Lindsay Lohan

Why do you think Quentin Tarantino misspelled the title? “Maybe he didn’t misspell it. Maybe it’s just an alternative spelling.” —Christoph Waltz

Terrence Howard

Ivanka Trump

Did you bring your parents to the set in Germany? “Yes, for a week. I directed the film-within-the-film, the Nazi propaganda movie, so they were there. Quentin dressed my mom like a French collaborator, so she’s in the theater watching her Jewish son’s Nazi propaganda movie. It was surreal on top of meta on top of weird.” —Eli Roth

Gina Gershon

Salman Rushdie

What’s the craziest thing you saw Quentin Tarantino do on set? “Dancing. We were dancing all the time on the set.” —Mélanie Laurent

Marc Jacobs & Lorenzo Martone

Emmanuelle Chriqui

Did the blood and guts in this movie remind you of the kitchen in any way? “Actually, I scalped cooks all the time when they didn’t listen to me. That’s why I’m not in the restaurant business anymore; I found out it was illegal.” —Rocco DiSpirito

Chace Crawford

Agyness Deyn

Did you see any similarities between Inglourious Basterds and the High School Musical movies you star in? “I don’t know how that would make any sense.” —Corbin Bleu

Eva Amurri

Christopher Meloni

Is this movie more violent than your show Mad Men? “Well, yes. We’re not violent, we’re just tortured.” —Bryan Batt

Dan Abrams

Lawrence Bender

Have your pot-smoking skills improved since working on Weeds? “No. They were pretty good to start, so I’m good.” —Guillermo Diaz

Zac Posen

Olivia Thirlby

Are there any exciting cameos planned for Ugly Betty this season? “I believe they’re in the process of trying to get Rihanna. But that’s still one of those up-in-the-air things.” —Eric Mabius

Fern Mallis

Jennifer Esposito

Why did you keep your facial hair since filming Sexy Beast in 2000? “I thought it was a great look, and it scares people.” —Ben Kingsley

Emma Roberts

Matthew Settle

Did you watch Top Chef Masters this summer? “Not a lot, because I’ve been really busy. And I don’t watch a lot of TV, especially not food TV — you can understand why. Watching Top Chef is like watching paint dry for me.” —Padma Lakshmi


Andre Balazs

How are you preparing for your upcoming Broadway role in Bye Bye Birdie? “I’ve had to up my cardio by 8,000 percent. I go on the treadmill in my building and I just run on it and sing ‘Put on a Happy Face.’ People think I’m crazy.” —John Stamos

Amy Sacco

PC Peterson

The New York Times said potbellies are a new trend for men. Do you agree? “I wonder what the female equivalent would be. My men don’t have no potbellies.” —Julia Stiles

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