PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Saks Fifth Avenue Celebrates the Opening of Calvin Klein Women’s Shop

Saks Fifth Avenue. August 20, 2009. By Mike Vilensky

Who is your all-time favorite Calvin Klein model? “Kate Moss really captured the moment. That change from athletic to waif life.” —Francisco Costa

Lauren Santo Domingo

You just moved to New York. What’s your favorite part of the city? “I like that when I walk down the street I’m reminded of all the errands I have to do. I see FedEx and Duane Reade, and then by the time my walk is done I’ve done everything I need to.” —Melissa George

Anne Vyalitsyna

Is Anna Wintour a benevolent dictator? “I would say yes. But very, very benevolent.” —Alexis Bryan Morgan

Jessica Joffe

Since you work at Vogue, what was your favorite part of The September Issue? “I was glad to see some of the smaller characters at Vogue get screen timeŚlike the photocopy guy, who is everyone’s favorite. Well, that’s not his official title.” —Kathryn Neale Shaffer

Yaz Hernández

Do you have an all-time-favorite Calvin Klein model? “Marky Mark, man. He was the only guy who could get away with that Boston accent and still be sexy. I don’t know anybody else who could even get a job with that accent, let alone a career.” —Fabiola Beracasa

Derek Blasberg

Are you happy with how your new MTV show is going? “Yeah. What if my answer was ‘No, it's shit, really shit?’” —Alexa Chung

Sam Shaffer

Is Anna Wintour a feminist? “There’s absolutely a feminist aspect to her. I think a lot of the attacks against her are misogynist. Men in business are totally cutthroat and nobody says bad things about them for it.” —Elettra Wiedemann

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