PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Charlotte Ronson and JCPenney Celebrate “I Heart Ronson”

Pier 60. The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers. August 20, 2009. By Bennett Marcus

As a designer, do you ever criticize the way your siblings, Mark and Samantha, dress? “No, I think they have great style. I’m like, I should look a little bit more stylish. My brother in his suits – I’m like, 'Really?' He’s so dapper. I’m impressed.” —Charlotte Ronson

Sophia Bush

Did you see Paul McCartney play at Citi Field this summer? “No. We were playing a gig that night. But I wrote him, I was like, ‘I’m really sorry, but we are playing a show for like twenty people. Could you not take everyone in New York?’ And he wrote back, ‘I promise to leave you at least eight people.’” —Sean Lennon

Zoë Kravitz

What was it like collaborating with Gucci to design sneakers? “I think they probably hate me. They’re like, 'We just thought some D.J. was going to tell us, like, red and green, and fuck off.' And I’ve been, like, 'Oh, wait, what color are the stirrups?' They’re like, 'Who are you?'” —Mark Ronson

Samantha Ronson

Olivia Thirlby

What was it liking working with Tyra Banks, since both of you are guest-starring on Gossip Girl? “It was fun to work with her in a different atmosphere than just appearing on her show, and she got to play Josephine Baker, the old singer – oh, I don’t know if that was a surprise or not.” —Hilary Duff

Mick Rock

Will you be walking any runways at Fashion Week for your new show, The Beautiful Life? “No. They’re not punishing me.” —Mischa Barton

Alexa Chung

Byrdie Bell

How would you describe the style of your boyfriend, Sean Lennon? “He has the taste of a gay man but the sexuality of a cave-heterosexual-
type man.” —Charlotte Kemp Muhl

Chris Benz

Jennifer Creel

Does your daughter, Charlotte Ronson, ever critique what you wear? “No. She’s probably too polite.” —Ann Dexter-Jones

Annabelle Dexter-Jones

Sky Nellor

If you had to design a clothing line, what would it be like? “I think it’ll be everything mixed into one, because we’re not any one thing. It’ll be cross-generational, cross-genre-rational.” —Cisco Adler

Lynn Yaeger

Alexander Dexter-Jones

When you open the doors of your tour bus does the smoke roll out, Snoop-style? “Yes, definitely. It billows out — it’s more of a billow.” —Shwayze

Stacey Bendet

Topper Mortimer

How do your friends react to your pole-dancing scene in the show Californication? “I have to say, I don’t think anybody thought I could do it the way that it was, or I think they had a lesser idea of, like, how insane this stuff was.” —Eva Amurri

party lines image