PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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The Watermill Concert 2009: The Last Song of Summer

Ross School Lower School Campus, Bridgehampton. August 29, 2009. By Catherine Coreno

Have you identified any trends recently? “Brands are dead. It just happened because people do not know what they getting from a brand so they just spill over; there is no real brand authenticity. I blame it on brands falling down on us. What do they do for us? What have they done for us? Except charge us more.” —Faith Popcorn

Norah Jones

Why did you choose to focus on the sex life of animals for your new Sundance Channel show, Green Porno? “Because everybody is interested in sex. I figured if I’m interested in animals, but the world out there is interested in sex, telling the story about how animals mate is more interesting than telling the story just about animals.” —Isabella Rossellini

Jay McInerney

Anjelica Huston

Will you ever do a record with your brother, Rufus, and your mother, Kate McGarrigle? “We are always singing together and doing shows and we always forget to take it indoors to the studio. But coming up next is a Christmas project, so that’s the next family thing.” —Martha Wainwright

Elettra Wiedemann

Are you ever afraid of losing your voice? “It is a big fear for every singer, but I haven’t yet.” —Rufus Wainwright

Stephanie French

Lisa Anastos

Are you nervous about the upcoming Emmys? “You don’t really get nervous until you get out of the limo. I think because it is quite bright and loud. It’s a little scary, but after that it is fine.” —Mary-Louise Parker

Jörn Weisbrodt

How did you raise such talented children, Rufus and Martha Wainwright? “With my kids, we always just played music. I don’t think my kids know any card games and I don’t think they’ve ever played word Scrabble.” —Kate McGarrigle

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