PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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‘Paper’ Magazine’s HP 25th Anniversary

New York Public Library. September 8, 2009. By Sharon Clott, Jada Yuan, Mike Vilensky, and Shira Levine

When you founded Paper magazine together, how long did you think it would last? “We were too busy figuring out how to put out the next issue to think about it.” —David Hershkovits “We started Paper because we didn’t want to get a normal job. So I guess we hoped it would last forever. ” —Kim Hastreiter

Kanye West

Do you remember turning 25? “I don’t remember my 25th birthday—not because I was on drugs, though I probably was. I remember my 21st birthday, in a gay bar called Bullwinkle’s in Bloomington, Indiana, getting attacked on the dance floor to “Boom, Boom, Boom, Let’s Go Back to My Room.”” —Mickey Boardman

Liza Minnelli

Mischa Barton

What was your best birthday ever? “When I was 19 years old in Hamburg, Germany. His name was Seaka. That’s where I’ll stop. After that it’ll be too much information.” —Queen Latifah

Mark Ronson

Are you walking in any shows for Fashion Week? “Possibly. I’m not too sure yet.” —Amber Rose

Estelle (Getty Images)

Taylor, Isaac, and Zac Hanson

What can we expect from your upcoming collection? “You know what? In a season of steak and potatoes, I am showing ice cream and cake. Really fun stuff that makes you fat!” —Isaac Mizrahi

Lisa Edelstein

Do you remember turning 25? “Yes, I did a party with a lot of drag queens. It was in my drag-queen moment in the eighties in Paris. I had a lot of good times going around with drag queens.” —Catherine Malandrino

Isabel Toledo

What do you want the American public to know about you after your Target collection hits stores this week? “Well, I hope that they pronounce my name correctly after this. My name is Anna Sui [pronounced “Swee”], and people mess it up all the time. It’s always a mess.” —Anna Sui

Lydia Hearst

Is the time of big, beefy male models over? “My era was the last of the man era, when we had pecs. These guys don’t have that. These guys are very skinny, very frail looking. The era of the big man is gone.” —Tyson Beckford (Getty Images)

Julie Henderson

Patricia Field

If you had to make outfits for the new Sex and the City, what would you create? “I would do the same as what Pat [Field] does, though only half as well. Maybe with more of the fashion mistakes.” —Betsey Johnson

Brad Goreski

Did you ever go through a quarter-life crisis? “No. I had visions growing up of Doris Day movies and the working woman and growing up and having a great job. I was never anxious about all of it happening when I was 25. Because 25 is like a child.” —Fern Mallis

Kid Cudi

Blake Lewis

Does the cast of Real Housewives call you on your cell phone? “Yes, they do. Just when you least expect it. The last one called at four o’clock today. I think it was Ramona. She wanted something from me. I’m not going to say.” —Andy Cohen

Leigh Lezark

Do you ever design clothes for your kids? “Tonight my daughter said: ‘Everyone I know has two outfits for their first day of school.’ I think they change at lunchtime. So I whipped something up for her. She’s in fifth grade and the little one is in pre-K. The other one only goes for a half day, so she only needs one outfit.” —Cynthia Rowley

Yigal Azrouël

Jeffrey Deitch

Who is most interested in your clothing line? “A lot of plus-size buyers liked my stuff. So I think I’m going plus-size!” —Kenley Collins


What was the biggest challenge in your career thus far? “Waking up early every day and working. When you have to come to these things at night, yeah, waking up early is rough.” —Charlotte Ronson

Charlotte Kemp Muhl

How often do people compare you to your father? “One time a paparazzo took a snapshot, and then there were like all these headlines about ‘Sean tries to re-create a picture of his parents because Sean had a hat on.’ They were like, ‘How dare he try to be his Dad?’ I was like, ‘Wow, I’m walking to the grocery store.’” —Sean Lennon

Doo-Ri Chung

Cory Kennedy

What is your biggest goal in life? “Modernize the perception of reality to a more individualistic and unique prospect. Like today, my iPod died on the subway. And I had about 50 blocks to go, and I needed to sit in my head for 50 blocks on a train and deal with my inner monologue.” —Paul Iacono

party lines image