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HLN’s ‘The Joy Behar Show’ Launch Party

The Oak Room. September 23, 2009. By Angela Gaimari

What would you do with diplomatic immunity? “Park anywhere I wanted to, I guess. I’d park right on Fifth Avenue in front of the Plaza.” —Joy Behar

Suze Orman

What is the most outrageous question Joy ever asked you? “In 1992, at the Democratic Convention, when I was much heavier, she asked me on live television why, if I marched so much, was I so fat.” —Reverend Al Sharpton (Getty Images)

Larry King

Hoda Kotb

Who would win in a fight between you and Joy Behar? “I would. There’s no question. With one hand tied behind my back.” —Joan Rivers

Stephanie March

Bill Geddie

How do you think Joy’s show will turn out? “She’s going to have a very successful show. And I’m not just saying that because it’s the nice thing to say. She really will.” —Barbara Walters

Nancy Grace

Alan Alda

What have you learned from working with Joy on The View? “I admire Joy. Joy has a lot of chutzpah—I’ve learned a lot of Jewish phrases from Joy. Lots of Italian phrases, too.” —Sherri Shepherd

Vera Wang

T.J. Holmes

Do you have any advice for Diane Sawyer’s transition to prime-time news? “I need advice from Diane Sawyer. She doesn’t need advice from me. Thanks.” —Anderson Cooper

Jeanine Pirro

A.J. Hammer

Does Joy shock you at all? “I’m so used to her, nothing is shocking and sometimes it’s hilarious.” —Whoopi Goldberg

Joan Hamburg

Bob Balaban

What was the most outrageous question Joy ever asked you? “I can’t tell you what it was because that would give away our torrid love affair, which, quite frankly, I don’t want anybody to know about.” —Chuck Nice

Steve Janowitz

Lorraine Bracco

Did the United Nations meeting in New York affect your life? “Yes. It pisses me off that they show up with so many silly security people and pontificate self-importantly, and I wish they would go away. Politicians getting together for summits does more harm than good. Politicians should leave us alone.” —John Stossel

party lines image