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HBO Screens the New Season of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

Time Warner Screening Room. September 30, 2009. By Sean Kennedy and Jada Yuan

Could Seinfeld ever exist in Los Angeles? “Yes. It’s just a place.” Even though it identifies with New York? “You know what, it could re-identify.” —Larry David

Hoda Kotb

How did you keep the Seinfeld reunion a secret until it was officially announced? “It wasn’t up to me. I don’t know. It actually was surprising because it’s a lot of people on these crews. You would think somebody would say something, but I guess nobody — or there’s the possibility that no one cares. We have to consider that.” —Jerry Seinfeld

Steve Buscemi

What is your favorite interaction between you and Larry on Curb Your Enthusiasm? “Any moment where I’m yelling and screaming at Larry. I actually love kicking him out of the house. That’s my favorite thing, to kick him out of the house.” —Susie Essman

Dan Abrams

Do you find any similarities between you and Larry? “I’m a subset of Larry. I’m kind of like the quieter, more removed version of Larry.” —Bob Balaban

Regis & Joy Philbin

Do any plotlines from the show relate to your life? “I’ve had the argument with white boyfriends about the temperature of the bedroom so often! Turn it on, turn it off. I prefer 72. If they’re white, they usually prefer under 69. So this is a problem. With men of color, it’s never been a problem.” —Kerry Washington

Kenneth Cole

What Seinfeld character are you? “I’m like Elaine and Joy Behar mixed together. That’s what I came up with in the crazy analysis of myself.” —Ashleigh Banfield

Laurence O’Donnell

What part of your life would make a good Seinfeld episode? “I live in a neighborhood where there’s a famous little diner that closed and people were saying they couldn’t exist without it. It’s like if they closed the diner in Seinfeld — it would’ve been mayhem.” —Patricia Clarkson

A.J. Calloway

Do you ever go to the Seinfeld diner on the Upper West Side? “When I drop off my kids at school, I walk by it every day. I look at the Columbia students and I realize that they have no idea that a national monument is in their midst.” —Richard Stengel, Managing Editor, Time

Richard Plepler, Co-President, HBO

Is Larry David as irritating as his character on the show? “No, no. The thing is, everything he says and does is so relatable. So if you consider that irritating, then we’re all irritating.” —Gayle King (Getty Images)

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