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Opening Night of ‘Love, Loss, and What I Wore’

Westside Theatre and Bryant Park Grill. October 1, 2009. By Jada Yuan

The Ephrons say there’s a big difference between fashion and clothes. Do you agree? “Yeah, I think I can appreciate that fashion exists for really skinny fucking people, you know, and I need clothing.” —Natasha Lyonne

Martha Stewart

Who is your favorite designer? “When I first did the show, I had just discovered Eileen Fisher. Then I read the play and it says, ‘When you start wearing Eileen Fisher, you might as well give up.’ And I almost started to cry. She works for me. And I don’t feel she should be slammed in any way. I know this is 2X, and it fits.” —Rosie O'Donnell

Candice Bergen

Have you learned anything about fashion from the show? “Well, we never think this is about fashion. It’s really about emotion, and how weird it is that our clothes are so tied up with our emotional lives. I never feel like I know anything about fashion. I find fashion defeating, overwhelming, confusing.” —Delia Ephron

Harvey Fierstein

What was your biggest concern tonight? “Finding an outfit that would melt into the background. That's what we're looking for at this point. Melting away.” —Nora Ephron

John McDaniel

How do you shop for the women in your life? “I’ve always gone into the best stores, looked at the hippest, sexiest woman, and said, ‘What should I buy?’ Because I have no taste. That’s my process. And keeping the receipt.” —Martin Short

Daryl Roth

What lessons about clothing did your mother teach you? “She told me that falsies make the clothes look better. I have always wanted to do a women’s history on what we’ve padded. Did we pad our tits, our asses, our shoulders, or our hips? It’s interesting what parts of our bodies we’ve padded at various times in history.” —Tyne Daly

Nick Pileggi

Do you follow any fashion rules? “I will never wear flat shoes. I hate them so much. As soon as I get into flats, I look like I’m about to pick up some Windex and start cleaning the windows.” —Samantha Bee

Tovah Feldshuh

What advice did your mother give you about men? “She said, ‘Only marry a man after you’ve wallpapered a small bathroom with him.’” —Katie Finneran

Ilene Beckerman

What’s the best piece of advice your mother gave you? “I actually used to go through her clothing and slip it on, and she advised me not to. Which didn’t really stick, but it was kind of good, silent advice, because wearing caftans and feather boas on TV hasn’t really helped my career that much.” —Michael Musto (Getty Images)

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