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Cinema Society & Target Screen ‘Good Hair’ by HBO Films

IFC Center and Standard Hotel. October 5, 2009. By Bennett Marcus

What was the weirdest thing you learned while creating this movie? “It’s weird when you see the hair in India—it’s got bugs in it. Going to a hair plant is almost like going to a slaughterhouse. You don’t want to see them make the sausage, as they say, and you don’t want to see them make the weaves, either.” —Chris Rock

Lenny Kravitz

What was your craziest hairstyle? “When I was in twelfth grade, I had a perm. When guys have it straightened, they put the rollers in their head, you know, so you get that Superfly look. I used to actually wear rollers to school.” —Ice-T

Padma Lakshmi

Nia Long

What was your worst hair look? “I had an Indian-fro when I was 16, which did not look good. I was 125 pounds, and I had an Indian-fro, and I lived in Florida so I had a tan. I looked like a young black girl.” —Aasif Mandvi

Adrian Grenier

What was your most unfortunate hairstyle? “I tried to do dreads and it didn’t work, and then I got, like, fake dreads. And that was really pathetic because dreads are all about realness, so having fake dreads is like, totally wack. It was my lowest style moment ever.” —Veronica Webb

Olivia Thirlby

Rosie Perez

Did you ever have a big Afro? “No, no. I could never grow a big Afro. And I never had a mullet. You won’t see too many black people with mullets. I don’t think we’re genetically built for that.” —Al Roker

Corbin Bleu

Have you ever suffered for your hair? “I feel like I’ve been lucky and fortunate, I’ve never had to suffer too hard, so I feel guilty about that. I actually won “best hair” in high school. But it’s been all downhill from then.” —Gina Gershon

Rachel Zoe


Have you ever accidentally pulled out a woman’s weave while in bed? “No. I haven’t pulled out any hair. I wait a long time before I go in for the hair. I don’t want to create a bad moment and ruin the flow.” —Andre Harrell

Zoe Kravitz

Do you miss having long hair? “I do not miss it at all. I remember days when my hair was so perfect, and it would be, like, a little windy or rainy outside, and I [would] literally go outside with a trash bag over my head until I got to the next destination. It was just too much stress.” —Amber Rose

Sandra ‘Pepa’ Denton, Salt-n-Pepa

Dee Dee ‘Spinderella’ Roper, Salt-n-Pepa

What’s the most extreme thing you’ve done to your hair? “I bleached my hair blonde, and the hairdresser that did my hair was begging me not to do it, but he did it. All my hair fell out. And that’s how my little short haircut that I had for many, many years came to be.” —Cheryl ‘Salt’ Wray, Salt-n-Pepa

Harry Belafonte

Will you ever take your wig off for your talk show? “I will not be taking off my wigs on the show. I’m not shy about my hair, but it’s not showgirl hair. And really, it’s very thin, so I don’t wear wigs or fake hair for clownery, I wear them like a prosthetic, I guess.” —Wendy Williams

Susie Essman

Reverend Al Sharpton

What was your worst hairstyle? “I used to have a sort of mullet in the eighties, shaved sides, long in the back. When it was humid, it was bad.” —Guillermo Diaz

Narciso Rodriguez

What was your worst hair experience? “A guy invited me out on a date, so my hair was all blown out. And he took me to this show called De La Guarda. You go in, and they’re throwing water at you. Me and another black girl, we’re sitting crouched underneath some stairs, the two of us. It was the worst night ever.” —Hoda Kotb

Fern Mallis

What’s your worst at-home hairstyling disaster? “I was talking on the phone, leaning against the bathroom wall with a curling iron in my hair, and I completely forgot that I had the curling iron in my hair. It just came out with all my hair wrapped around the barrel. I was crying for like two months.” —Ashanti

Gayle King

What’s the worst thing that has happened to your hair? “I’ve had my hair fall out twice. And it’s also been on fire twice.” —Gabourey Sidibe

Genevieve Jones

Working on this project, what was your biggest revelation about hair? “It’s a global fucking industry that goes from India to the Koreans, the Chinese, and it cracks all the way around to, you know, here we are now, to New York.” —Nelson George, Producer

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