PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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24th Annual Great Sports Legends Dinner to Benefit the Buoniconti Fund

Waldorf Astoria. October 7, 2009. By Jada Yuan

Do you miss Shea Stadium? “Well, Shea is kind of like that good friend who you always have fun with but he never buys lunch. You know, you can kind of do without him. You like him, but at the end of the day, do you really miss him? I don't know.” —Mike Piazza

Brett Hull

Mark Sanchez got dumped by his model girlfriend, Hilary Rhoda. Does it help or hurt you to have a model dump you early in your career? “She dumped him?! Well, I just think that if it’s early in your career or late in your career, it’s never good when you get dumped. Right? That’s what I’d say.” —Troy Aikman

Tim Hardaway

Ivan Lendl

As a broadcaster, have you said anything profane on live television? “It’s been a very, very long time. It wasn’t a profanity. But I uttered an unintentional double entendre in my first year on the air, like 1974. It had to do with blowing the game, and it wasn’t what I intended to say.” —Bob Costas (Getty Images)

John Starks

Chris Waddell

Will you ever do a fashion line? “I love fashion! You wouldn’t think it because I’m always wearing swimsuits and sweat suits, but I love it. I would like to maybe design a line of swimsuits for middle-age women and some workout clothes. My agent and I are working on that right now.” —Dara Torres

Marc Buoniconti, Founder of the Buoniconti Fund

Nick Buoniconti, Founder of the Buoniconti Fund

What’s your favorite sport? “I scuba dive.” How deep have you gone? “The Titanic. But that was not scuba diving. Two and a half miles in a submersible. Two Frenchmen and me ... and my French wasn’t very good.” —Buzz Aldrin

Rusty Wallace

Pat Day

Did you ever play sports? “I danced modern ballet when people did not know that dancers should not dance on concrete. I don’t know any dancers over 55 years old who have not had operations on their knees or their hips because of jumping up and down on concrete.” —Maya Angelou (Getty Images)

Commissioner Ken Podziba, New York City Sports Commission

Are you sad you never got to play for the Knicks? “I would have loved to play in the Apple. They had the opportunity to draft me! At the draft in 1983, they were hollering my name. They wanted them to pick me! And when it didn’t happen, I was shocked. I was the next player chosen. But I could have been a Knick.” —Clyde Drexler

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