PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Gucci’s Icon-Temporary Flash Sneaker Store Opening Party

43 Crosby St. October 23rd, 2009. By Mike Vilensky

Will wearing cool shoes help you get women? “No. I used to wear these steel-tipped shoes, and people would always joke, like, ‘Oh can you look up girls’ dresses and stuff?’ But I don't think shoes are really going to help you with women. Unless you make them — if you're like Jimmy Choo, then you can get laid.” —Mark Ronson

Frida Giannini

How have the MisShapes influenced youth culture? “I think it's great that younger people have something different to look up to. Not a tall, five ten, blonde model. Now they can also look up to some faggots and a girl, like the MisShapes. I think it's great, because I wish I had that growing up, and I never did.” —Leigh Lezark

Wyclef Jean

How do you describe your style right now? “I feel like Wonder Woman; I should be shielding bullets right now. But I dress different everyday. I have a million different personalities. I just kind of have a ‘fuck it’ attitude.” —Evan Rachel Wood

Claire Danes

Alex Skarsgard

Do you ever regret your fashion choices? “Oh, absolutely! I think the last outfit I looked back on and said, ‘What was I thinkin'?' was one of the Grammy outfits. I had on this brown catsuit. I looked at it again, and I was like, ‘What the hell?' I just looked terrible.” —Mary J. Blige

Patrizio di Marco

Do you consider yourself a trendsetter? “I wore the hot pants before that came out. When I came back from Austria, my miniskirts were so short, they couldn't be shorter. And I saw the lederhosen and I thought it was a brilliant idea. I made mini-leder. I didn't know I was doing anything cool, I just felt like it.” —Ann Dexter-Jones

Poppy Delevingne

Alex Greenwald

Now that you live in New York, have you seen any of the cultural attractions? “I go to museums. I went to the butterfly exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History. It's kind of freaky, actually. It entertains the kids, but I got a little claustrophobic.” —Mischa Barton

party lines image