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‘Valentino: The Last Emperor’ DVD Release Party

The Standard Hotel. November 3, 2009. By Shira Levine and Mike Vilensky

Anna Wintour turned 60 this week. How did you celebrate your 60th birthday? “I have no idea what I wore, what I did, where I did it. You know, I have such a complete life full of things to do that sometimes I have to go and look and check my diary to see what I did in the past, a few days ago.” —Valentino


Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin are the new hosts of the Oscars. Can they follow your heroic performance from last year? “They are both fantastic. Steve actually gave me a lot of hints last year. He is really funny and he knows what he’s doing. Alec Baldwin is also a true genius. I think the both of them together have hosted Saturday Night Live like 100 times, so you know they must be funny.” —Hugh Jackman

Mischa Barton

Adrien Brody

Were you surprised your Valentino documentary stayed in theaters for six months? “Yeah, we saw fashion people show up first. Then we had a gay audience come. Then it became a date movie, and by the third week we had a straight audience — husbands dragged by their wives. They actually liked it.” —Matt Tyrnauer, Director

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs said he isn’t going to star in a reality show for Bravo. Are you still interested in doing a gay-based reality show? “I think we’re pretty gay as it is.” —Andy Cohen

Ally Hilfiger

Jessica White

What is it like hanging out with Madonna? “I’m having the time of my life.” —Jesus Luz

Hana Soukupova

How are you going to celebrate your birthday next week? “I’m going to eat a sandwich and then do Bikram yoga. And then crawl under the covers and say, ‘Poor me!’ I had a midlife crisis when I was 9, so I’m not worried about that now.” —Daphne Guinness

Nigel Barker

Amy Finlayson

Did you vote today? “I did not. I’m still registered in Nassau County, so I haven’t updated that yet. I should have, but I didn’t.” —Katie Lee

Jennifer Creel

What would you get Anna Wintour for her 60th birthday? “I don’t think I have the power to give that woman anything she’d need. I would give Anna my most true-hearted goodwill. And I would make Anna an ‘Anna Rocks!’ T-shirt.” —Erin Fetherston

Allison Sarofim

Stephen Daldry

You’ve worked with Valentino for over 50 years. What’s your key to success? “It was never a competition, never, and that’s what I think is important for the success of any couple who do things together.” —Giancarlo Giammetti

Byrdie Bell

Michelle Obama wears your clothes. Do you ever design with her in mind? “I don’t. I just design with myself in mind.” —Thakoon Panichgul

Amanda Hearst

Michael Chow

Your clothing label ThreeAsFour collaborated with Yoko Ono for spring 2010. Are you going to do that again? “I hope so. It just felt so natural. She brought herself, which is a huge inspiration. Her being is very wise.” —Adi Gil, ThreeAsFour

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