PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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‘Isaac Mizrahi Live!’ for QVC Celebration

508 W. 37th St. November 4, 2009. By Sharon Clott

Do you consider yourself a mogul? “I don’t think I necessarily want to be a mogul. A mogul is like an Indian person who owns lots of land and lots of things. I like the idea of that. But I’m not necessarily trying to focus on a result. I think you only know if somebody was a success 50 years after they died. I can’t do that. It’s too much pressure.” —Isaac Mizrahi

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Have you ever ordered anything off the television or QVC? “No. I can only imagine it would be very frustrating.” —Anne Heche

Mira Sorvino

You said on The City that you have a tattoo on your crotch. Is that true? “I have a tattoo on my hip bone, but I was joking and they didn’t show the humor in it at all in the editing room. But I’m glad you asked. It’s not on, it’s like right above. But I do. It’s angel wings.” —Roxy Olin

Mary-Louise Parker

Do you want to work in fashion? “I started out wanting to be a designer, and I moved that into wanting to be a fashion journalist. My dream job is probably to have Tonne Goodman’s job at Vogue. But I’m really scared, because if I ever saw Anna Wintour I might just pass out.” —Mark Indelicato

Nastia Liukin

Have you ever ordered anything from the television? “EBay! Does that count?” EBay isn’t TV, but what did you get? “Oh, right — eBay is all Pokémon cards.” —James Tupper

Kelly Rutherford

Fern Mallis

Isaac Mizrahi created a plaid-covered cheesecake for his QVC line. What does plaid taste like? “I’m dying to try it and I haven’t been able to. It would taste colorful, sophisticated, and classic. Though I’m not really sure what that would taste like, either.” —Lisa Robertson, QVC Personality

Andy Cohen

You ran the New York City Marathon last week. Should more fashion people get into working out? “Do that or do something. Let’s work out like we did in the eighties. When we were all super and fabulous and we had juicy bodies with muscles. I don’t know why they don’t. Maybe because it ruins your hair and your clothes.” —Veronica Webb

Catherine Malandrino

What do you miss about New York now that you live in Los Angeles? “The pedestrian culture. I failed my driving test three times. I still have never driven on a freeway. Ever. I’m too scared! It takes me about two hours to get everywhere because I do everything on surface streets. I can’t get that part of the New Yorker out of me—the desperate need for public transportation.” —Alexis Dziena

Beth Ostrosky Stern

Do you bake? “I like baking cookies. I’ve brought cookies to the 30 Rock set before. I’ve made dozens and dozens because we have a huge crew. People seemed to like it. I didn’t make a huge production out of it. I just put them at the craft service table and said, like, ‘Guys, I made these!’” —Katrina Bowden

Michael Urie

Reshma Shetty

Gisele is getting her pilot’s license. Would you let her fly you? “Only if she wore a sexy little costume.” —Erin Lucas

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