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2009 ‘Glamour’ Women of the Year Awards

Carnegie Hall. November 9, 2009. By Bennett Marcus

What is your best advice to future generations of young women? “Girls, if boys say something that’s not funny, you don’t have to laugh.” —Amy Poehler


Did anything weird happen at your Glamour photo shoot? “At one point they wet me down, like with a water hose. I don’t think they chose one of those pictures, but it was awesome. I’ve never had that happen to me. My hair was dripping, it was really hot.” —Serena Williams (Getty Images)

Maya Angelou (Getty Images)

Bill Clinton (Getty Images)

Did Michelle Obama wear her own clothes for her Glamour cover? “If you read the text in the magazine, it says ‘Michelle Obama wears clothes from her own closet.’ And that’s the truth of it. The lucky thing is, she’s pretty good at picking out clothes from her own closet.” —Cindi Leive, Editor-in-Chief, Glamour

Susan Rice, United States Ambassador to the United Nations

Dr. Jane Aronson

Why do you like to wear fanny packs? “Oh honey, that is free arms, honey. Free arms! And I wear Gucci, and it’s not fake.” —Tyra Banks

Michael Douglas (Getty Images)

Catherine Zeta-Jones (Getty Images)

Did you like how Glamour showed clips of Amy Poehler performing on Saturday Night Live at nine months pregnant during your speech? “It was funny. That clip, which is of her, literally, nine months pregnant, dancing, was just one of the things that I’m proudest of ever on the show.” —Lorne Michaels

Maria Shriver

Katie Couric

Are you ever going to collaborate on clothing with your father? “Oh, I do plenty with him. Don’t you worry. He’s my dad.” —Stella McCartney

Diane Von Furstenberg

Euna Lee

What is your best advice for new journalists? “Don’t be afraid to veer off the conventional route if it’s a story that really matters and needs attention.” —Laura Ling

Steven Tyler

Yoko Ono (Getty Images)

What you did you do last weekend when your movie Precious opened? “I actually went to see it at the Lincoln Square movie theater. I wore a hat really low, and some eyeglasses. I still got recognized, but nobody approached me. It was crazy packed.” —Gabourey Sidibe


Padma Lakshmi

Are you a Mac or a PC? “I actually use all three platforms. I use a Mac at home, I carry a PC with me at work, and at my desk at work there’s a Linux workstation. So I’m all three.” —Marissa Mayer, Vice-President of Search & User Experience, Google


Kerry Washington

Do you read blogs? “I don’t really read blogs. I find no happiness in doing so, and I don’t imagine how anyone would find happiness in doing so. I try to stay off the Internet, it’s such a plethora of personal opinion.” —Katherine McPhee

Andie McDowell & Daughter Rainey Qualley

Matt Lauer (Getty Images)

What is the last thing you cooked? “I just learned how to make macarons from François Payard. We did a story for Food & Wine, actually. It’s something I’ve always tried to make and just didn’t know how to do. I had him holding my hand. I have to see if I can do it myself. ” —Jason Wu

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