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Premiere of ‘Nine’ Presented by Martini & Rossi and Chopard

Ziegfeld Theatre and M2. December 15, 2009. By Jada Yuan

Who did you bond with most on set? “Kate Hudson. We used to go to my room after the shoot sometimes and she would be singing to me, and she has this soulful, country-blues voice. So amazing, and just a hidden talent that nobody knew about.” —Fergie

Kate Hudson

How does the infidelity of the main character, Guido Contini, relate to Tiger Woods? “You know, there’s a little bit of Guido in everybody, but [Tiger] seems to have gotten a larger portion. But that’s what this musical play is about. I hope he sees it. Because it takes a very understanding view of infidelity and then makes a case for fidelity, which is, you know, a rare thing in this world.” —Tommy Tune

Penélope Cruz

Madonna & Lourdes Leon

Did anyone get hurt while filming? “Judi Dench fell off the stairs coming down the piano, but she kept going. Penélope Cruz developed calluses from the rope, broke them, and started bleeding while we were shooting, but didn’t tell me. They just kept going and going like warriors, every one of them.” —Rob Marshall, Director

Nicole Kidman

Were there any problems choreographing Fergie’s scene dancing in sand? “The dancers were saying for weeks and weeks, ‘We have sand in places we can’t even tell you. But there is sand everywhere!’ Fergie said she showered like three times a day and she couldn’t get it out. But she loved it. I don’t feel so bad.” —John DeLuca, Choreographer

Marion Cotillard

Did the movie’s stars have to audition for the film? “Everybody auditioned, because they had to sing and dance. And you can’t say, ‘I can sing and dance.’ You have to show it. So if they haven’t already proven that, they went in, in their sweats or their dance tights, on a bare stage with a pianist, and they sang.” —Michael Tolkin, Screenwriter

Daniel Day-Lewis

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

Did you have to audition for your role in this film? “No, I didn’t have to audition. It’s a bone of contention between [me and] Nicole Kidman. Rob asked her to have lunch and asked her to do it. He asked me to have a coffee. I was very miffed.” —Dame Judi Dench

Oliver Stone (Getty Images)

Between you and Djimon Honsou, who is the better dancer? “Oh my gosh, he is! He’s African. They have it in their soul. I’m from St. Louis, Missouri. I step on my toes!” —Kimora Lee Simmons (Getty Images)

Djimon Honsou (Getty Images)

Naomi Watts

Who was the biggest diva in the cast? “Judi Dench. And the reason Chopard is here tonight, I mean, besides providing the jewelry for the film, is how I got Judi out of the trailer. We had to leave a bread-crumb trail of diamonds.” —Harvey Weinstein (Getty Images)

Emmanuelle Chriqui

If you were in this musical, how would you do? “I can’t sing. I can only dance.” —Rudy Giuliani (Getty Images)

Goldie Hawn

Do you wish the film featured professional singers rather than movie stars? “But these are professional singers. I think that’s the most important thing to understand. In fact, I would happily work with any of them on Broadway as well as on film, and that was the surprise, I think.” —Maury Yeston, Composer

Tobey Maguire

What do you want for Christmas? “I’d just like to see peace in the world.” Seriously? “Oh, you want something besides the political answer? I haven’t really thought of it.” —Donald Trump

Neil Simon

What musicals did you grow up watching? “Every Fred Astaire musical. And Sound of Music. After that, music died. That was it.” —Tony Bennett

Jessica Seinfeld

Are you sad Penélope Cruz is getting recognized more for this movie than for your film Broken Embraces? “I don’t think so. What is wonderful is that this character and the one in Broken Embraces are completely opposite. I mean, this is the great [thing] of her situation, that now she has demonstrated how big is her rank.” —Pedro Almodóvar (Getty Images)

Julian Schnabel

What’s the value of casting non-singers in singing parts? “I think it’s wonderful seeing that a lot of actresses and actors can sing and you’re not aware they can sing. And also it never hurts with box office. Not these names.” —Martin Richards (Getty Images)

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