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‘Youth in Revolt’ Premieres

Regal Cinemas Union Square, New York; and Mann’s Chinese 6, Los Angeles. January 5 and 6, 2010. By Julie Steinberg and Shirley Halperin

What did you learn from the Jersey Shore cast when you filmed promo spots with them this week in New York? “I didn’t learn much. It confirmed a few things I already suspected, which was, like, girls love a really smokin’ body and everybody loves pizza.” —Michael Cera

Drew Barrymore (Getty Images)

Did you see Michael Cera’s Jersey Shore makeover? “No, but those guys are spectacularly douchey, I love it. I wish I’d seen it.” —Justin Long

Portia Doubleday

Rooney Mara (Getty Images)

This movie comes out in January, which is too late for Oscar consideration. Does the timing speak to low expectations for the film? “One, this is a comedy first. And two, it’s a Michael Cera movie. It doesn’t matter what month it comes out in.” —Miguel Arteta, Director

Ari Graynor

Ray Liotta

If you had an alter ego, what form would it take? “It would be a superhero that could see through people’s clothes. And super strength. Not to overuse it — just occasionally, when someone’s doing something you don’t like, twist their arm around their back, ‘Drop that gun!’ That’s something I always like to say to someone, ‘Drop that gun, my friend!’” —Fred Willard

Jessica Szohr

Pete Wentz

What are you going to say when you see Fred Willard tonight? “Are you still doing a lot of acid?” —Zach Galifianakis

Jean Smart

Did you ever have a bizarre family vacation? “I’m from South Africa, so I’ve been chased by ostriches and thrown by horses, that sort of thing. I don’t know if that constituted bizarre — mainly dangerous, I think. I’m actually starting to feel a little angry toward my parents now, that they would put me in such harm’s way at the tender age of 4 or 5.” —Adhir Kalyan

Jade Fusco

Jesse Metcalfe

Who would your alter ego be? “I actually have one, I’m a father with three kids. And I have this other side of me that I compartmentalize and it comes out in my more R-rated stuff that I do. My alter ego does what he wants. So I have a bit of a schizophrenic duplicity, and Youth in Revolt is kind of a mantra to me.” —Bob Saget

John C. Reilly (Getty Images)

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Who would your alter ego be? “Marlon Brando in Last Tango in Paris.” Why? “For erotic reasons. An amazing pairing of Bertolucci and Brando ... it’s one of my favorites.” —Jonathan Wright (Getty Images)

Amy Landecker

Chaske Spencer

Would you ever fix your daughters up with a boy who summered at the Jersey Shore? “Absolutely not. I don’t watch the show, but my daughters do. They’re not guidos or guidettes. I’m happy they’re watching from inside.” —Danielle Staub, Real Housewives of New Jersey

Alia Shawkat (Getty Images)

Mike Epps

Why did you have Michael Cera dress like a cast member from Jersey Shore? “You need the sizzle to sell the steak, so having Michael on a show like that is quite funny, it’s entertaining. The show has a wide reach and is popular, and irreverent, so you can’t beat that.” —David Permut, Producer

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