PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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‘Patti Smith & Steven Sebring: Objects of Life’ Opening

Robert Miller Gallery. January 6, 2010. By Bennett Marcus

Are you happy with the film Dream of Life, the documentary about your life, that is now airing on PBS? “I was very happy that even though we had begun it after the death of my husband, that you could sense his presence. So I think that was one of the things that was surprising, and made me happy. I felt his presence within the film.” —Patti Smith

Michael Stipe

What’s your favorite anecdote about spending time with Patti Smith? “One time she was performing and I was so close to the stage that she spit on me. Yeah. But not intentionally, you know.” —Ryan McGinley

Jessica Lange

Albert Maysles

In all the time you spent with Patti Smith, what surprised you the most about her? “How she really, really gets so inspired by the poets and the artists; she really goes there with them, spiritually. She really is invested in those people that she studies and stuff, and I found that to be so beautiful.” —Steven Sebring

Calvin Klein

Are you here with photographer Mary Ellen Mark? “Yes. We’re together. We got married in Vegas last week. I’m into brunettes who don’t wear makeup, who have a lot of power.” —Kelly Cutrone

Robert Miller

What do you think about Fashion Week moving to Lincoln Center in September? “It’s not a really big deal. We always have a van, so it’s no trouble getting the clothes there. It’s just a few blocks more. And I’ll just have to take a cab instead of walking, so it’ll probably end up costing me $10 more.” —Nicole Miller

Terry Richardson

If you could curate an exhibition about your life, what is the first thing you would include? “Object? My husband. Because he’s adorable.” —Mary Ellen Mark

Sam Shepard

Are you ready for Fashion Week? “Oh God, no. I just canceled yoga for tomorrow morning. I’m terrified; I’m panicked; I’m sick to my stomach. I’m already freaked out. And we’re always behind.” —Nanette Lepore

Josh Charles

You’re putting on your first fashion show in February. What have you learned from the process? “I’m super excited about our show coming up in February. Like everything else worth doing, it’s harder than it seems.” —Reed Krakoff

Roxanne Lowit

If you could curate an exhibition about your life, what is the first thing you would include? “One of those plastic goose lamps, because that’s what I remember glowing in my room as a baby.” —Zac Posen

Ann Dexter Jones

If you could curate an exhibition about your life, what’s one thing that would definitely not make it in? “A lot of pictures of me from the eighties. I was very experimental, and wore a lot of platforms and wigs and everything that I’ve grown out of.” —John Bartlett

party lines image