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Premiere Screening of ‘24’ Season 8

Jack H. Skirball Center for the Performing Arts. January 14, 2010. By Evan Mulvihill

Do people ever say they feel safer around you because you are Jack Bauer? “Oddly enough, I was on a plane the other day and someone said, ‘Oh I feel a lot safer on this plane with you on it.’ I was like, ‘Man, you don’t watch our show. Cause everyone around me on my show gets killed.’” —Kiefer Sutherland (Getty Images)

Katee Sackhoff (Getty Images)

Would your character Chloe ever use Twitter to help Jack Bauer? “Chloe would disdain tweeting. She’s way too beyond-tech-savvy. She would’ve figured out what Twittering is and she would think that it’s just banal.” —Mary Lynn Rajskub (Getty Images)

Freddie Prinze Jr. (Getty Images)

Chris Diamantopoulos (Getty Images)

You play a woman president on the show. Does she have any similarities to Sarah Palin? “Oh, I don’t think she bears any resemblance to Sarah Palin whatsoever. She has a better grasp of geography, for starters. And a better grasp of history, for starters.” —Cherry Jones (Getty Images)

Anil Kapoor (Getty Images)

How does Jack Bauer get from the Bronx to midtown in five minutes? “You know what, you get a break in traffic in New York City occasionally. I know that, I’ve been in cabs here. The way to look at it is that we get a break in traffic more than anybody else. And just like, if Jack Bauer was James Bond — as far as I’m concerned, Jack Bauer is the James Bond of America — he gets the break.” —Brad Turner, Director (Getty Images)

Mykelti Williamson (Getty Images)

If you had to watch a whole season of 24’ in 24 hours, what season would you watch? “I always wanted to go back and rewatch season one. Especially now because working on it, I know that there’s a lot of crew members that do a lot of cameos. So now I wanna go back and be like, ‘Hey, what’s the prop guy doing flying that helicopter?’” —Annie Wersching (Getty Images)

Howard Gordon, Executive Producer (Getty Images)

Since your character works in the Counterterrorism Unit, have you become more tech-savvy? “I learned about looking things up, like encryption codes and techno jargon. I wanna actually know what I’m talking about. Would you say something on TV that you don’t know what it means?” —John Boyd (Getty Images)

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