PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Henry Louis Gates Screens the Premiere of PBS's 'Faces of America'

The Allen Room at Frederick P. Rose Hall, Lincoln Center. February 1, 2010. By Michelle Ruiz

Your family tree was studied for this series. Who was your coolest ancestor? “Well, they uncovered a bunch of really remarkable people, some real renegade-types who packed up from England and went to different parts. And they tracked down my elusive Jewish ancestors. Now I get to run around and say I'm part-Jewish, which is very exciting. ” —Malcolm Gladwell

Veronica Webb

Do you like Scott Brown, the senator-elect of Massachusetts? “I watched him on Leno the other night and I was thinking, I had to hold my arm down to keep from voting for the guy. He is very personable and very charming. ” Would you ever have a beer with him? “I've had my last beer for a long time. ” —Henry Louis Gates

Brian Williams

Will the iPad save media? “No, I don't think the iPad is singularly going to be the savior of media, but I think the iPad can certainly help. Look, I think a lot of people in media are looking for shortcuts and they're making excuses. The bottom line is, finding a savior is not the answer to saving media.” What is? “Running websites the way I run mine. ” — Dan Abrams

S. Epatha Merkerson

If you were an Olympic athlete at the Winter Olympics, what would your sport be? “I would probably do luge, because laying there and standing still is probably my best asset.” —JuJu Chang

Stone Phillips (Getty Images)

Do you have any cool ancestors? “You know, I am related to Ronald Reagan on my dad's side. My dad is Irish and Australian. When I found out, he was president, so I thought it was pretty cool. I thought if I sent him a letter, I could visit the White House. ” —Soledad O'Brien

Rosanna Scotto

As a genetics professor, what do you want people to know about genealogy? “That we're all mixers. That's certainly true of America today. America's strength is its diversity, as long as we can continue it.” —Dr. James D. Watson

Bob Simon

How did you react when the series uncovered that you're related to Martha Stewart? “That was a shockeroo. Of all the people, that would be the last person I would think. I clearly missed the domestic gene of the family. Martha would be embarrassed. She would not be proud.” —Gayle King

Michael Bacon

Will the iPad become the savior of media? “I don't believe in saviors of media. Media has to save itself. I'm not a magic-bullet subscriber. It's a multi-platform world, so I don't think one device is going to make a difference.” —Tina Brown

Maurice DuBois

If you were a Winter Olympic athlete, what would be your sport? “I would be a puck.” — Mario Batali

Deborah Roberts

How would you describe your awards-season experience so far? “‘Out of body’ is a very good way to describe this experience. A year ago my life was very different, very quiet. People like you weren't talking to people like me. I think I'll have it all sorted out in a year or so from now, but for now I'm just enjoying the ride. ” —Geoffrey Fletcher ‘Precious’ Screenwriter

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