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USA Network & Vanity Fair Celebrate Character Approved 2010 Honorees

IAC Building. February 25, 2010. By Bennett Marcus

Since you’re nominated for an Oscar, has the studio made you do anything crazy on the campaign to win? “Peter, my husband, was joking and was like, ‘Uh, are they going to ask you to go stand on Broadway and Houston with flyers? Because you would, I think. You would.’ And I maybe would.” —Maggie Gyllenhaal

Tiffani Thiessen

What about your character is surprising? “Early on, I had a hoarding binge with sharpened pencils. I’d start to steal the other children’s pencils. I thought maybe they won’t notice, and then bye and bye, somebody said, ‘Jeffrey has 30 pencils.’ And the teacher goes, ‘Oh, anybody who’s missing a pencil, go.’ And they all took my pencils and it was humiliating.” —Jeff Goldblum

Piper Perabo

In Sex and the City 2, does Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe collection suffer because of the recession? “Absolutely. She’s wearing rags. It’s very sad, very sad. Mostly flip-flops.” —Willie Garson

Saffron Burrows

What do you really do in New York when there’s a snowstorm? “Lay in the bed naked with my wife.” —Dulé Hill

Gabourey Sidibe

Do you cast curvy models in your fashion shows? “I really try, because I don’t like the girls that are too skinny. But lots of times you don’t see them in a casting because you just remember you liked them last year, and then they show up for the show and they’ve lost like ten pounds since last year.” So what do you do? “I just put them in a coat.” —Nicole Miller

Jeffrey Donovan

If you could pursue something else, what would it be, even if you didn’t have the talent for it? “I have no talent for it, whatever it is. I hardly have talent for cooking.” —Dan Barber

Corbin Bernsen

Alexandra Richards

Do you like playing in the snow? “I’m from Miami. I have girlfriends who live here, so I actually got out in the snow, in my snow boots, and walked like two miles, probably, around the city. And we had a good time, but after a while I was like, I need to go back home.” —Kelly Kelly, WWE

Tinsley Mortimer

Do you watch Project Runway? “I like Heidi Klum a lot. I’ve been a big fan since she was on the cover of Sport magazine. Way before Sports Illustrated, she was on the cover, and my dad, we were cheap, so that’s what I got. Instead of Sports Illustrated I got Sport magazine, and they had a swimsuit issue also.” —Constantine Maroulis

Hilary Rhoda

Yves Behar

Do you shovel your penthouse’s rooftop terrace? “No, no. We just push it over to the side so the dogs can have a place to play.” —Narciso Rodriguez

Nora Ephron

If you could pursue something else, what would it be? “I would love to be a singer. I think that takes so much courage, and I admire great singers that go up there and entertain, and just hit notes that are almost magical. I admire that, I really do.” Can you sing? “I can’t carry a tune in a wheelbarrow.” —Big Show, WWE

Kehinde Wiley

Jill Flint

What do you do during a snowstorm? “Sit by the fire.” Is that what you did today when it snowed? “No. That’s what I wished I was doing today.” —Erin Fetherston

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