PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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‘Details’ Magazine 10th Anniversary Party

Standard Hotel. March 1, 2010. By Charlotte Cowles, Mike Vilensky, and Jada Yuan

Since James Van Der Beek tweeted a video of you rapping to Nicki Minaj’s record, are you comfortable with being called “street”? “It’s an honor and a privilege, especially since I’m the palest actress in America. I can rival the Culkin men or Julianne Moore any day. I like the word ‘porcelain.’ I feel like ‘pale’ implies sickly, and ‘porcelain’ is fragile and not tan.” —Michelle Trachtenberg

Robin Thicke

What are you going to do to assure yourself an Oscar nomination next year? “I’m going to be in a World War II movie. That seems to be the go-to. I’ll play the first hippie in America, who happens to be a soldier at Normandy. I don’t know. For me, you never know what’s going to be good. Being in a good movie is a very big coincidence, I think.” —Zach Galifianakis

Kerry Washington

Are you friends with Constantine Maroulis because of his hair? “No, he works. He works so hard. I like people that are really dedicated and focused.” —Tinsley Mortimer

Josh Schwartz

Do you ever get post–Fashion Week depression? “It’s not a depression; it’s more like a weird void that I feel for a little while. I think that so much of what I do, and what designers do, is so emotional, so when it’s over, it’s like you’ve given birth to something, in a way. You’ve just let all this emotion out, so it’s really this feeling of nothingness.” —Richard Chai

Anthony Mackie

How’s morale at 4 Times Square? “I think people feel good. I think all the tough stuff is behind us. The future looks so bright we have to wear shades.” —Bill Wackermann, Publishing Director at Condé Nast

Sarah Wynter

What does Olivia Palermo bring to Elle, aside from a feud with Erin Kaplan, the public-relations director, on the show The City? “She’s got great taste! And fashion’s about taste.” —Joe Zee

Dan Peres, Editor-in-Chief, Details

Michael Bastian

Do you ever look at magazines for style tips or inspiration? “I look at Us Weekly for entertainment. You need some time off from all the intellectual stuff. It’s like reality TV in a magazine format. Especially when I travel, it’s like my ritual — I pick up People, and I pick up Us, and I pick up gummy bears.” —Phillip Lim

party lines image