PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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21st Annual GLAAD Media Awards

Marriott Marquis. March 13, 2010. By Bennett Marcus

Do women ever proposition you? “Yes. I’ve had some very ardent female fans come backstage. Beautiful girls. I guess I should put [that] I was married in the program or something, but people are sweet.” —Sigourney Weaver

Cynthia Nixon

Since you moved here from California, do you think New Yorkers are rude? “I guess. It’s straightforward. I like it. I came from such a polite culture growing up Mormon that it’s refreshing. I feel like at least I know people are being honest when they tell me to get the hell out of their way on the subway.” —Dustin Lance Black

Rosie Perez

Have you ever been propositioned by a woman who didn’t know you were gay? “I always tried to stay away from them after their second martini. Gin martinis seem to be the elixir of truth, because they then turn to you and say, ‘Why don’t you love me?’ And that’s the part you want to avoid.” —Michael Patrick King

Meredith Vieira

Do you embrace any gay stereotypes? “I actually have a ladder in my apartment, a tall red ladder. It doesn’t go anywhere, it’s just this stationary piece of furniture, and each rung is filled with Playbills. How LGBT is that?” —Michael Urie

Sarah Paulson

Have you ever been propositioned by a woman? “Well, you know, I’m the kind of person who never thinks anyone’s coming on to me, so if I don’t think men are coming on to me, I would never think a woman’s coming on to me.” —Joy Behar

Jay Manuel

Now that you’ve relocated to New York after being a senator in Massachusetts, are you shocked by New York politicians? “I’m from a state which is a lot like New York. Our last three speakers of the house were indicted as well, so I’m waiting for the indictments to fall. Massachusetts and New York aren’t too dissimilar. Now, New Jersey is another story. That one’s shocking.” —Jarrett Barrios, GLAAD President

Jill Zarin

Geoffrey Fletcher

What was it like filming the upcoming film Burlesque with Cher and Christina Aguilera? “It was great. Cher was so nice, and I worked a lot with Christina, and she’s lovely. Cher was always going on about how she was three times older than all the girls.” —Alan Cumming

Elliot Tiber

Since you work in the fashion industry, do people assume you’re gay? “I think so. It’s partly the English accent. In this country, if you’re English everyone assumes instantly that you’re gay. I get a lot of guys who say, ‘Oh God, wow, you’re married and have kids? I for sure thought you were gay.’ And I’m like, ‘Listen, just because I don’t pick my nose, drink beer, and scratch my ass does not mean that I can’t be a straight man.’” —Nigel Barker

Arnie Burton

When you’re out with your partner, do you ever have awkward situations where people don’t realize you’re a couple? “I think people always flirt with people, and you just laugh it off or take it as a compliment. But no, I haven’t gotten into any fistfights at some dyke bar recently.” —Sandra Bernhard

Reichen Lehmkuhl

Do you embrace any gay stereotypes — like living in Chelsea and going to the gym for hours? “No! Look at me. I live in the Upper East Side part time and I live in New Orleans part time, and I hate the gym. I mean, come on, I hated gym class in school, so I don’t get how everyone likes the gym so much. I like the result, but, ugh. I have a motto: no pain, no pain.” —Bryan Batt

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