PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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‘New York’ Magazine’s ‘My First New York’ Book Party

Paramount Hotel. March 31, 2010. By Bennett Marcus

What’s been your most terrifying New York experience? “I came home to six little mice on a glue trap once. That was pretty terrifying.” What did you do? “I called a girlfriend, a lesbian, who threw them out the window. They were screaming. It was so horrible.” —Parker Posey

Patrick McMullan

What’s the most terrifying thing you remember about first moving to New York? “I hitchhiked here, I think it was 1954, and I was pretty terrified by the whole thing. In fact, I thought about just standing outside Grand Central Station and not moving—just sleeping in Grand Central Station and just walking around the block.” —Dan Rather

Geoffrey Allan Mills

Is there anything about the city that gets on your nerves? “Well, noise used to bother me, but I’m sort of losing my hearing now, so it doesn’t anymore.” —Larry Kramer

David Haskell, ‘My First New York’ Editor

What was your first job in New York? “I never had a job in New York. Artists live on thin air, like an air fern or something. If you don’t need to have a BMW, you don’t have to make much money.” —Chuck Close

Zosia Prominska

Is there anything about New York that gets on your nerves? “The crowded trains. Because as much as I love people, and people need people, just sometimes when someone sticks their hand down your butt, it’s just not okay.” —Jenny Joslin

Craig Chester

What part of New York do you secretly wish you lived in? “Grove Court. If you fancy yourself the kind of New Yorker who knows everybody at least a little bit, it goes to your very sense of self. I’ve never been inside. Although you’d probably get there and it’s probably incredibly drafty and there are probably mice. But it’s quite romantic.” —David Rakoff

Mary Boone

What’s your least favorite New York neighborhood? “I don’t like the Port Authority area. It feels too transient, even though New York is in a way a city of transients. It’s just not the right transience.” —Susanne Bartsch

Nick Denton

What was your first job in New York? “My very first job was in a factory that made beds. Castro Beds in Queens. I was just making little parts of beds—I was drilling, drilling some little thing, I have no idea what that little thing was. But they went out of business, and they fired me.” —Jonas Mekas

party lines image