PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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New York Academy of Art Tribeca Ball

New York Academy of Art. April 13, 2010. By Charlotte Cowles

Have you ever posed for a portrait? “I sat for this Norwegian painter. He asked me if I wanted to sit for him, and I said, ‘Only if I can have one of your paintings.’ So he was like, ‘We’ll do a trade of whatever,’ and I got this incredible picture of a weird old lady holding a swan. And he got me!” Who has the portrait now? “It’s hanging in the Norwegian embassy in Copenhagen. That’s what people have to look at!” —Helena Christensen

Jennifer Connelly (Getty Images)

Do you have any fine-arts talents? “She does pottery.” —Scott Lenhardt “I throw on the wheel. I love it.” —Parker Posey Do you guys ever have a Ghost moment? “Yeah, we have Ghost moments every night. ” —Scott Lenhardt

Paul Bettany

Would you ever pursue edible art? “No. [Laughs.] I don’t have anything to do with edible art, but I’m sure there’s probably some good things that could be made using edible objects.” —Vito Schnabel (Getty Images)

Hilary Rhoda

Have you ever sat for a portrait? “Yes, my friend did a portrait of me. Although it’s kind of weird to have a portrait of yourself—there’s nowhere to put it. My mother already has too many pictures of me, and it’s like, ‘You want that too? Take it.’” Where did you end up putting it? “It’s in storage.” —Amy Sacco

Will Cotton

Rebecca Minkoff

What trend do you love for spring? “I don’t even know what the trends are for spring. What are the trends? Well, I love wearing color. And more flats. I don’t have to be that tall.” —Alek Wek

Mary Alice Stevenson

Do you ever consider creating a clothing line? “You know, my sister and I have been talking about it. That’s something that I really look forward to getting my hands on in the future.” What would you name it? “That’s so funny, on the walk over here we were talking about ‘Little T and A.’ Or ‘Teddy and Wolfie.’ It's our nicknames.” —Alexandra Richards

Theodora Richards

Do you have any fine-arts skills? “Well, I kind of treat modeling as an art form. To do different things with my body that will show well in the pictures. I think that goes hand in hand with the fine art.” —Sessilee Lopez

Nicole Miller

Dustin Yellin

Do you draw or paint? “Well, I live with an artist, does that count? I studied fashion at university, but I was pretty helpless. And the fact that I know I was hopeless perhaps makes me a good editor.” —Glenda Bailey

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