PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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‘Vanity Fair’ Tribeca Film Festival Opening Night Party

New York State Supreme Courthouse. April 20, 2010. By Bennett Marcus and Jada Yuan

This event is on 4/20, the day of stoners. What movie should one watch while stoned? “I don’t do it anymore, but when I was a kid, The Honeymooners. That was my favorite, because of Jackie Gleason. Those wild gestures are so much bigger than in life. You’re like, ‘Wow, this guy is crazy!’ And you can’t stop laughing. That’s what I’d recommend.” —Jerry Seinfeld

Robert De Niro & Grace Hightower

You’re a jury member. How do you judge movies? “It has to be really fucking funny or really depressing. My favorites are documentaries. I dare you not to cry during The Cove, with the baby dolphins and the blood. Anything with third-world children, I guarantee I’ll be crying—probably because I fancy myself a third-world child.” —John Leguizamo

Anna Wintour

Have you heard any good volcano stories? “None good. I have a lot of friends in Iceland I haven’t heard from. Do you know the president’s wife, Dorrit [Moussaieff]? It’s been days and I’ve had no word. I’m sure they’re fine, but there’s so much ash. And I feel terrible for all those poor ponies who are stuck there—they can’t breathe!” —Martha Stewart

Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Christy Turlington Burns

What are you most excited about for the festival this year? “Well, if you actually can’t be here in New York, you can actually log on and stream live a number of our films and partake in panel discussions and talk to other people that are online about the films. So it’s Tribeca Virtual.” —Jane Rosenthal, Co-Founder, Tribeca Film Festival

Diane Von Furstenberg & Barry Diller

What was the most interesting thing about being in Cairo to shoot your movie, Cairo Time? “I’ll never forget how they cross traffic in Cairo. They literally just walk out into moving traffic—with children, babies. And the cars stop, miraculously. I never could get a handle on it.” Did you try it? “Never. I’m a chicken. I’m a big chicken.” —Patricia Clarkson

Brian Williams

Graydon Carter famously does the seating charts for his restaurants. Who would your fantasy dinner companions be? “You know how smart I am? I would sit next to Graydon Carter.” —Veronica Webb

Jessica Seinfeld

Rob Thomas

As the police commissioner, is it weird going to a party in a courthouse? “Yeah. I’ve been there before. It’s, uh, familiar territory.” —New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly

Barry Levinson

Is it kind of weird going to a party in a courthouse? “You know, we love adaptive reuse, and this is a great example of adaptive reuse and perhaps doing more with less. And if there are other city venues we can rent—for Bar Mitzvahs, weddings, domestic partnerships—to make a buck, I’m open for it.” —Christine Quinn

Tom Colicchio

Heard any good volcano stories? “I know some [Europeans] who are flying into New York tonight from a vacation in Mexico, and it’s just like their vacation is going to continue. They’re coming up here and doing more touristing. It’s not like being stuck in New York is the worst thing in the world. Calm down: There are worse things than not being able to fly off to Europe.” —André Balazs

Queen Noor of Jordan

Earth Day is April 22. What sort of things do you do to be green on a daily basis? “Uh, I never walk.” —Zach Braff

Wendi Murdoch

Jay McInerney

Graydon Carter is famous for doing the seating charts at his restaurants. Who would be at your fantasy dinner table? “Uh, I would say Bruce Springsteen. I mean, he’s the boss. Say no more.” —Ed Burns

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