PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Savannah College of Art and Design Style Étoile Awards

James Cohan Gallery. April 19, 2010. By Bennett Marcus

What’s the most stylish thing about you? “Oh, you’re asking me about myself? I would not know. I’m fortunate because most of my movies are contemporary, so I get to steal some wardrobes.” Do you choose your own clothing or do you work with a stylist? “No, I don’t have a stylist.” —Michael Douglas

Paula Wallace, SCAD president

SCAD has a campus in France. Are you Francophiles? “Well, we do speak Franglais around the house all the time. But I wrote a whole chapter in my book about how horrible French people were, and how I’m always amazed at how Americans had this masochistic groveling attitude towards French people, that they always thought they were so much chicer. Because Americans are actually a lot more fun—with the exception of Jean Paul Gaultier, who is totally fun.” —Simon Doonan

Chris Benz

Have you and Simon Doonan visited Brooklyn recently now that a Barneys Co-op is opening there? “Yes, but we felt so self-conscious about not having facial hair. We should have applied facial hair before going because we felt, like, very conspicuous. And I thought about stuffing Simon in a baby stroller.” —Jonathan Adler

William Ivey Long

You’re accepting an award for Sir David Tang, the Hong Kong businessman, since he’s stuck in Europe owing to the volcano. Has he ever tried to dress you? “Yes, all the time. Always said, ‘Fergie, with your figure, never wear flowers. Only black and white.’” —Sarah Ferguson

Kim Garfunkel

These are the style awards. What’s the least stylish thing about you? “I guess the least stylish thing about me is I tend to be a pack rat, and if I have company I have to seriously put things in shopping bags and hide them. I just have too much stuff. But, you know, it’s good stuff.” —Fern Mallis

Peter Arnell

What’s the most stylish thing about your husband? “About my husband? His tie and his suit and his shirts. I think he’s a pretty stylish guy.” —Veronica Kelly Commissioner, do you enjoy shopping and choosing clothing? “Yeah, I do. Martin Greenfield and Bergdorf. This is a Martin Greenfield suit.” —New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly

Diana Passage

Heard any good volcano stories? “We have a few friends that are stuck here. They were coming here for a weekend, they didn’t tell their boss, and now they have to tell.” —Claude Morais, Ruffian

David Friend

This event is celebrating a school in Savannah. Have you ever considered moving to the South? “I could definitely imagine getting, like, a second residence there.” A plantation? “No. We’re into liberation, not plantations.” —Brian Wolk, Ruffian

John Rosselli

You’re an interior designer with dogs. Should pets have free reign around expensive furnishings? “Yes. And I get very upset when I have clients who have a pet and they lock him in the kitchen. If you let your dog be a part of your life, you’ll have a better behaved dog. And if you have a dog and lock it in the kitchen, the dog’s going to be neurotic. I mean, you wouldn’t want to be locked in the closet, either.” —Bunny Williams

party lines image