PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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PS 122 Spring Gala Honoring John Leguizamo

Abrons Arts Center. May 4, 2010. By Shira Levine

How do you feel about the transformation of the East Village? “It’s a shame. It was such a vibrant piece of New York, but all of New York has changed. You had ghetto meets NYU kids meets squatters meets all these destitute avant-garde artists meets rich kids, all coming down to score.” —John Leguizamo

Murray Hill

You’re a native New Yorker. How are you feeling about the city these days? “The unique thing about New York used to be that the change was organic, now it’s international and conscious. Changing, for example, the name of Harlem to SoHa. This is ridiculous. They’re saying, basically, that ‘Harlem is a little too scary. We don’t want people in the Midwest or in midtown or Wall Street [to know] that we live in Harlem, so we’ll call it SoHa and we’ll make it chic.’ Bitches! Harlem was already chic.” —Rosie Perez (Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

John Turturro

What’s happened to the East Village? “The East Village isn’t in the East Village anymore. You have to go way out on the L to get to the East Village. Way out in Brooklyn.” —Stephen Daldry

The Wau Wau Sisters

What do you think of the East Village today? “When I went to New York University to film school there, that was when the East Village was really the East Village. The East Village went all the way up to 42nd Street. Now everything is gentrified like my neighborhood in Fort Greene.” —Spike Lee (Splash News)

Andrew Andrew

How has the east village changed for you? “I guess it’s changed. It’s hard to say how the East Village has changed in one little sound bite. I still like going to the East Village. It’s not ending or anything. I’d hardly say it’s been destroyed.” —Claire Danes

Hazelle Goodman

Marga Gomez

How has the East Village changed for you? “I have a hard time knowing where the East Village begins. I know I like Milanos Bar on Houston. Does that count as East Village?” —Hugh Dancy

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