PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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party lines image

Party in the Garden

MoMA. May 25, 2010. By Sam Dangremond and Jada Yuan

What do you think of the proliferation of Chase banks around the city? “I guess it’s like Starbucks. Wherever you go, there’s Starbucks, so now there’s Chase as well. So you go to Chase, get some money, and go to Starbucks!” —Richard Meier

Glenn Close

Do you stay in the city during the summer? “I’ve been out in the Hamptons since 73. The last two years I’ve been staying in the city and I love it! No problem getting reservations at restaurant. No one bothers me. The phone never rings. It’s like dying and going to heaven. New York in the summer is wasted on the poor.” —Chuck Close

Mayor Bloomberg

Got any dating advice? “Yeah. Wait at the [airport] terminal where people arrive into New York. Wait for the FOBs, the fresh off the boats. Honestly, most of the few men in my life, the few special men in my life, have been imports. ” —Karen O (Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

Hugh Jackman

Can you do balloon animals? “There are some that are more elaborate, that have a lot of different folds, but I know how to do the basic ones—the swans, the rabbits.” —Jeff Koons (Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

Nick Zinner

What did you wear in the eighties? “A lot of big shoulder pads. Like, huge shoulder pads.” —Nicole Miller

David Rockefeller (Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

Do you garden? “Ask my wife. She’s the gardener.” And you just eat the food? “No, I sell lipsticks.” —Leonard Lauder

Klaus Biesenbach

What’s the tackiest thing you own? “My flamingos. We were in South America and we went two hours out of our way to see these damn flamingos and they were never there. I called my house manager and said get the flamingos out of the basement! And we had more flamingos in the lawn at my house than we had in South America.” —Evelyn Lauder

Vera Wang

Was it your idea to have the Yeah Yeah Yeahs play? “I wish it was! I don’t know who the Yah Yah Yah idea was.” —Agnes Gund

party lines image