PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Premiere of ‘Jack Goes Boating’

Paris Theatre. September 16, 2010. By Ross Kenneth Urken

The movie centers around two limo drivers. Do you have any memorable cab-driver stories? “One time, the guy who was driving got so excited because he saw a restaurant that said ‘Japanese cuisine’ and he misread it as ‘Japanese casino.’ He started saying, ‘Japanese casino in New York. I’m going tonight!’ and I didn’t have the heart to tell him.” —MOBY


Do you have any memorable cab stories? “One time, on the way to Newark, I fell asleep in the car, and when I woke up we were in nowhere land. The guy was on some sort of drugs and he was just going around in circles. I think he wanted to cut me up and put me in a blender. Scary stuff. New York—holler!” —DAPHNE RUBIN-VEGA


What was your strangest experience as a limo or cab passenger? “Sometimes when a limo drops their party off, they will sit around and be available. One day as a lark, I just shoved my hand up and the [driver] took us where we wanted to go all night long. He had to go back at eleven o’clock to go pick his party up. It’s the best $300 I ever spent.” —CHRISTOPHER MCDONALD


This movie presents the tumultuous tale of two couples. Do you find love in New York tumultuous? “No, I think New York City is so vibrant. If you’re trying to find a passionate person, first of all, you’re on foot. If you run into somebody in L.A., you’ve had an accident.” —SUSAN SARANDON


Have you had any quirky experiences in New York cabs? “Oh, I’ve fought with every cab driver in New York City. I like talking to cab drivers and asking them where they’re from.” —AMY RYAN


Have you had any quirky experiences in New York cabs? “Well, I did leave my phone in a cab and I didn’t know it until the next day, and when I got my phone bill I had $1,000 dollars of long-distance phone calls to Bombay. This is when it was Bombay.” —CHRIS NOTH


What is your go-to to reach a troubled emotional state? “Many things. There’s nothing specific. But it’s not ‘my dog died’ or anything like that.” —PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN


party lines image