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Woolrich Woolen Mills & Maestro Dobel Host a Screening of ‘Howl’

IFC Center. September 22, 2010. By Bennett Marcus

You play Jack Kerouac in the movie. Ever gone on a road trip? “I went on a road trip in a Thunderbird—a 1964 Thunderbird that was mine, that I rebuilt myself. I drove from New York to L.A.” —TODD ROTONDI


You play Allen Ginsberg’s love interest. How was kissing James Franco? “James Franco is the first guy I’ve ever kissed, and he did a fine job.” —AARON TVEIT


Allen Ginsberg lived in a dump in the East Village. What’s your worst apartment story? “I live in a dump in the East Village now. We've got that in common.” —JON PRESCOTT


Have you ever tried psychedelic drugs? “God, no. I mean, I’m the generation of psychedelic drugs, but I had friends at college who had very bad experiences. In fact, a couple of them died and scared the pants off me. No thank you.” —SALMAN RUSHDIE


Would you want to have been around at the time of the Beat generation? “No, because I’m Puerto Rican and they treated Puerto Ricans even worse than they do now.” —ROSIE PEREZ


Have you ever tried psychedelic drugs? “No. They frighten me. I don’t need psychedelic drugs; I have a very vivid imagination as it is.” —MICHAEL SHANNON


Have you ever tried psychedelic drugs? “Uh, when I was in high school, once. That was fifteen years ago...there goes my run for president.” —JAMES FRANCO


What were you like when you were in your 20s? “Trying to get a job. I’ve been trying to be an actor since I was 16 years old, so I never was anybody but somebody trying to get work.” —BOB BALABAN


Do you have any funny mushroom stories? “I used to share an apartment with some medical students, and they would be face down in the grass in the park, in Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow, checking for mushrooms of a spring morning. You could see them with their lab coats on, on their hands and knees—and these were the future doctors and surgeons of tomorrow. ” —ALAN CUMMING

ADAM Yauch

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