PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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CFDA/‘Vogue’ Fashion Fund Awards

Skylight Studios. November 16, 2010. By Jamie Miles

You’re from Alabama. Do you wear suits there? “No. We don’t wear suits in the woods of Alabama. But I rarely wear suits in the East Village either.” —BILLY REID


Is it true that Lady Gaga will be on the cover of the March issue of Vogue? “We never talk about our future covers, but I’m a great fan of Lady Gaga’s so ... [changes topic] All the finalists are here!” —ANNA WINTOUR


JENNA LYONS (Ben Gabbe/Getty Images)

Lindsey Wixson says you’re making her prom dress? “I am. Lindsey’s been in my shows for a long time, and we’re friends, so if she wants a prom dress she knows who to call.” Have you already designed it? “No, we’re going to talk about it very soon. The prom is still a little bit away, but we’re very excited. It’s going to be the most glamorous prom dress ever.” —JASON WU


You recently went to your high-school homecoming dance. How was it? “Nothing too exciting, just a night at home with the girls in my high-school auditorium. But it was fun!” Did you take a date? “I didn’t. No date. Not this time. But prom’s coming up, so I’ll keep my options open.” —KARLIE KLOSS



Is the rising cost of cotton affecting your business? “When you’re designing, you have to keep that in mind. So instead of, like, 10,000 ruffles on a shirt, you do maybe 100.” —PRABAL GURUNG


One of the nominees is an eyewear designer. How many pairs of eyeglasses do you have in rotation? “I only have two. But the saddest thing is I now need to have two because I’m older and I need to have reading glasses and distance glasses.” —MARK HOLGATE


Pamela Love

What are you wearing for the Thanksgiving holiday? “Drawstring pants.” —LEIGHTON MEESTER


How long does it take you to do your hair before you go out? “Two seconds. Can you tell?” —ED WESTWICK

party lines image