PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Lanvin Hearts H&M

The Pierre Hotel. November 18, 2010. By Ashley Hoffman

How did you hurt your ankle? “I fell in my dance class.” So your ballet outfit is actually legit? “Yeah! Maybe the bandage could be a new trend. Michael Jackson had the brace.” —ELETTRA WIEDEMANN


You sued Forever 21 for ripping off your designs. If they asked you, would you do a collaboration with them? “Well, let’s put it this way: They didn’t ask me.” —ANNA SUI


Are you worried about people fighting over the clothes? “Not worried. If there are fights, it’s good.” —ANN-SOFIE JOHANSSON

ANNA DELLO RUSSO (Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for H&M)

Have you ever gotten into a fight over a piece of clothing? “When I was younger, a Belgian girl and I got into a fight over a YSL T-shirt at a thrift store. I came out on the losing end, and let me tell you, if I could do it again that shirt would be mine, goddamn it. We didn’t really get into fisticuffs, but she said she had put it aside for herself, and I grabbed it. You snooze, you lose.” —MICKEY BOARDMAN


Do you ever shop at H&M? “I have a daughter that’s 16, and H&M just has really cute, fashion-forward things for kids. Kids can’t go out and spend ridiculous amounts of money. I can do that; I’ve earned that right. [Laughs.] Kids have not earned that right.” —ANDIE MACDOWELL


Would you ever wait in line for a store opening or a new clothing collection? “There’s nothing I’d be so excited for. Except Mac [Apple] products! I would wait in line for those. I’d bring my laptop computer.” —SOFIA COPPOLA

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