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‘Glamour’ Celebrates March Cover Star Diane Kruger

Fedora. February 8, 2010. By Bennett Marcus

What are you going to do when Fashion Week is over? “I’m always baking. After Fashion Week, my number one task is to bake a perfect soufflé.” —JASON WU


You’re a blogger, but are you a tech geek? “I’ve had the same computer for three years. I don’t care, as long as it works.” —GARANCE DORE


Do you own a lot of gadgets? “I don’t have music on my iPod yet. I just got one. So, no.” —TAVI GEVINSON


Fashion Week is about to begin. What’s been your most disastrous Fashion Week faux pas? “I fell once in the snow in Paris, while running for the Lanvin show, because you don’t want to miss the Lanvin show. I completely and totally wiped out. I mean, I face-planted in front of minimum three dozen of the most highly placed people in fashion. I dusted myself off and walked off as if nothing had happened, and I believe I had not mentioned it till this day.” —CINDI LEIVE


Did you mind posing with a pigeon for your Glamour cover shoot? “I’m game for anything. No, seriously, it’s interesting because you have to hold it a certain way. We had a pigeon trainer on set. I was just happy it didn’t shit on me, to be honest with you. You know, it’s a pigeon.” —DIANE KRUGER


How does working at Glamour compare to your old job at T? “You have story ideas and photographers come to me with ideas now, and there’s actually pages to print these ideas. And, you know, at T, much as I loved working there, there weren’t as many pages, there weren’t so many issues. So that’s a big difference for me, personally, that there’s more pages to work with, and so when people have ideas and I have ideas, we can actually do them.” —ANNE CHRISTENSEN



Are you designing your friend Eva Amurri’s wedding dress? “Not that I know of. We’ve only talked color palettes.” —CHRIS BENZ

party lines image