PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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party lines image

Costume Institute Gala Benefit Celebrating Alexander McQueen

Metropolitan Museum of Art. May 2, 2011. By Bennett Marcus

Could you walk in McQueen’s armadillo shoes? “I would if I didn’t have this right-foot injury. I have a very bad foot injury [shows her shoe] this is the new high heel.” But you think you could walk in them otherwise? “Oh, after everything I’ve done for the last fourteen years? A marathon.” —SARAH JESSICA PARKER

Anna Wintour

Were you nude for your PETA ads? “No, just shirtless.” Do you have any pets? “I have an English bulldog. He’s a six-time champion.” What’s his name? “His name is Spudd, with two D’s.” Who’s taking care of him right now? “My mom is.” —Amar’e Stoudemire (Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)


Are you looking forward to eating Scottish food tonight? “Not really.” Do you eat at all at this gala? “Yeah, but Scottish is not my favorite. Let’s say I prefer Italian; fish, fresh fish.” —Anna Dello Russo

Karl Lagerfeld and Blake Lively

How do you feel in your dress tonight? “A little bit fat.” Could you walk in McQueen’s armadillo shoes? “I can walk in anything, baby. And on anything.” —Madonna

ANDRé Leon Talley

How did you react when you heard that Osama bin Laden had been killed? “I have a Balloon Flower down in front of Number 7 [World Trade Center], so in my own mind, I was thinking, oh, I imagine a lot of people are sitting on top of it and, you know, popping the Champagne.” —Jeff Koons

Jay-Z and BEYONCé (Larry Bussacca/Getty Images)

Who did you dress tonight? “We made Kanye West’s tuxedo. It’s my first venture into men’s.” Oh, Kanye wouldn’t tell us what he was wearing. “Well, don’t say it came from me.” —TORY BURCH with KANYE WEST (Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)


Kate Hudson

Did someone send you a fancy suit for tonight? “This is exactly the same, down to the shirt, that I wore on the night of the Oscars, and the great thing about being a man is no one gives a damn.” —Tom Hooper (Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

Daphne Guinness

You shaved your mustache. “Yeah.” What’s that about? “The end of the season. Just, uh, to become anonymous again.” —Darren Aronofsky (Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

Diane Kruger

Could you walk in McQueen’s armadillo shoes? “I don’t know if I could wear them. I’d need a lot of practice, but I would never say never.” —Hamish Bowles

Salma Hayek

Where were you when you heard about Osama bin Laden? “I was actually at LAX, the airport, and everybody was gathered around the TV. I had my bag of Burger King, and I went into Chili’s To-Go, just because there were TVs in there. Everybody was gathered around, and after Obama got done giving his speech, the whole place erupted in applause. I’ve never seen anything like it.” —Josh Duhamel with Fergie (Larry Bussacca/Getty Images)

Elizabeth Banks

Why do you like Tom’s hair long? “Actually, I haven’t had time to cut it and oh, his hair? I like it however I can get it.” So you’re not telling him to keep it long? “No. That’s his own. I think he does whatever he wants to, because I love it no matter what—short, bald, red, long, whatever. It’s all good.” Can you tell us about what you’re wearing? “It’s McQueen! Look at my bag!” —GISELE BÜNDCHEN

party lines image