PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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2011 American Ballet Theatre Spring Gala

The Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center. May 16, 2011. By Summer Rej

Do your kids take ballet? “I have three boys. They watch Billy Elliott.” —TORY BURCH



The World Beard and Mustache Championships were this weekend. Would you ever grow facial hair? “I don’t know about a mustache. Not a good one for me!” —CHRISTIAN SIRIANO

Did you ever take dance lessons? “Yeah, I did. I think most girls did when they were little. But I was tiny — like three and four. I did gymnastics, too. I have really good memories of being able to do flips and being amazingly flexible, all of which has totally left me now.” —ELETTRA WIEDEMANN



Have you ever done ballet? “I took ballet in high school and college. As a theater major at Northwestern, we had to take dance. I took modern and ballet. Then for about two years after that, I did my ballet workout as my workout routine.” What do you do now? “Now I do P90x. It’s this incredibly like, bootcamp workout thing, which is great. Also, I do a lot of yoga. ” —DENIS O’HARE



Have you been watching the red carpets at Cannes? “Not really. We’ve been so busy. We were out until 5 o’clock last night.” Wow. Is that normal? “No. It’s not often. Definitely 2 o’clock, almost every night. It’s exhausting sometimes.” What keeps you up until 2 o’clock? “Fun friends, don’t want to go home, you know, and it becomes 2 o’clock. Also, I sleep in until 10:30 or 11.” —RANJANA KAHN with NAEEM KHAN


Have you ever designed dance costumes? “Yes, of course! For myself, when I was little. I’ll never forget my blue one. It had blue sequins, and I worked very hard on it with my mom for a good two or three days. Picking the fabric, applying things. I wanted to do it on my own.” —MICHELLE OCHS

party lines image