PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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El Museo Del Barrio Gala

Cipriani 42nd Street. May 26, 2011. By Bennett Marcus

What kind of secrecy was involved in shooting the royals? “Well, it’s like in every single job, it’s not a secrecy thing, really, it’s a discretion thing. I go to photograph for Anna Wintour at American Vogue, and I don’t call everybody and tell them what we’re doing.” What were they saying to each other during the shoot? “It’s more like me screaming and trying to get everything under control.” I can’t imagine you screaming. “Well, not screaming but getting, like, in a fluster, I guess you would say.” —MARIO TESTINO


You used to have Carla Bruni in your shows? “Yeah, a lot.” Was she laid back, or was she kind of a diva like Naomi Campbell? “She was no diva, ever; she was really nice.” —NICOLE MILLER


Do you have any favorite memories of working with Testino? “When we did a photo shoot with a group of girls from different parts of the world, from Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and France, he spoke to each girl in each language that they spoke. So he said, ‘Okay Joan, head down,’ then he’d say it in Spanish, then he’d go to a French girl and say it in French. He can multitask with languages.” —JOAN SMALLS



Any funny stories about shooting with Mario Testino? “I have funny anecdotes not to be repeated. Mario brings out the mischief, so he’s fun to be on set with.” What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever had to do for a photo shoot? “Oh, it’s always strange to have to take off your shirt. I find that to be very disquieting.” —JOSH HARTNETT


What’s a common problem during photo shoots? “In my experience, electricity. Always outlets have some problem, or a flash is not working so they have to recharge. Every single photo shoot I’ve had, there has been an electrical problem, really.” —CHRISTIAN COTA


Do you have any favorite photo shoots from over the years? “There’s one that I do adore, and that is one I did with Annie Leibovitz and Natalia [Vodianova]. We did the story of Alice in Wonderland, and we cast all the designers as all the characters from Alice in Wonderland, so they were all in the shoot.” What year was that? “It was probably about ten years ago, something like that. I think it was probably in a December issue. There’s a picture of Renée Zellweger on the cover, I know that. I was pissed that I didn’t get the cover. Natalia wasn’t famous enough. ” —GRACE CODDINGTON


What are you working on right now? “I’m doing an entire issue of V Magazine with Mario Testino, and we’ll start the shooting tomorrow.” Can you say who’s on the cover? “Kate Winslet.” There are rumors about you starting your own magazine. Are they true? “Maybe. [Shrugs, laughs.]” —CARINE ROITFELD



What’s your favorite memory of working with Testino? “Well, my first-ever editorial experience, I won — Harper’s & Queen magazine in London used to do a teenage issue [with a competition], and I entered it, and my prize was to work with Mario on the fashion pages. That was 1983.” How old was he? “Not much older than I was. We were both starting out. I was a starry-eyed teen.” —HAMISH BOWLES

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