PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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The 2011 CFDA Fashion Awards

Alice Tully Hall. June 6, 2011. By Bennett Marcus

Are your shoes uncomfortable? “It’s ridiculous. They’re Fendi. I’m in blind pain right now. I’m actually blacked out for this interview, that’s how painful these shoes are.” —KATHY GRIFFIN


You dressed Kirsten Dunst tonight. How did you come up with her outfit? “Well, I’m just starting to do a women’s line, coming up in the next few months, so I thought what better than dress a woman in a tuxedo.” Will your women’s line have any dresses in it? “Not yet. It’s more menswear-y.” —PATRIK ERVELL


What happened to your leg? “Very old car crash. I had to have my ligaments done. I haven’t injured myself base jumping or anything like that.” You didn’t just put on that cast so you could wear sneakers here tonight? “Well, I would have worn sneakers anyway.” —MARCUS WAINWRIGHT


How much thought do you put into your outfit for big events like this? “I wear the same thing to every fashion event. Not much thought; it took me about seven minutes. This is a Topman jacket, Comme des Garçons pants, and a Prada shirt.” —JOSEPH ALTUZARRA


Did you go to the MTV Awards last night? “No, I was actually in one of my best friends’ wedding.” Were you in touch with your co-stars during the evening? “Yeah. They were all, like, where are you?” —ASHLEY GREENE


You’re nominated tonight. Did you prepare a speech? “Not at all. We’re going to wing it, if we win.” —LAZARO HERNANDEZ Why not? Superstition? “No, lazy, more than anything.” —LAZARO HERNANDEZ “Busy! Busy is what he means.” —JACK McCULLOUGH

You went to your husband’s Yale reunion recently. How was that? “It was sweet for my husband to show my daughter where he went to school, and he wants her to go there.” He’s an ambitious father, huh? “Well, I think all the parents want their kids to go there; that’s sort of what they preach. You know, to keep it in the family.” —JESSICA ALBA


Albert Maysles is doing a documentary on you. Do you feel like a star? “A star-LET. It buys me a few more years.” —IRIS APFEL


Did you practice your speech for tonight? “Actually, the last time I did it was at home to my dog, and she seemed to like it, so hopefully the audience will feel like my dog feels.” —STEVEN KOLB


Did you prepare a speech in case you win? “No speech, nothing. Maybe it’s naïve, but I think it’s a little presumptuous to prepare a speech sometimes.” —SIMON SPURR


Do you agree that Lady Gaga is a style icon? “I think she’s not only an icon in style, I think she’s also an icon in the hope that she gives to gay, lesbian, bisexual, whatever you are. It’s something that I had as a kid with Madonna, and I’m glad that there’s something now for the newer generation.” —BRAD GORESKI


Is this award going to change anything about your workday tomorrow? “It’s not like you’re suddenly going to up and retire or cash in the statue and sit in a chaise lounge. I have a work meeting at ten o’clock tomorrow.” —HAL RUBENSTEIN


Have you ever met Lady Gaga before? “I have not. But I dressed Stephen Gan, who is going to present her award, and in exchange for that he’s going to introduce me to her.” —ITALO ZUCCHELLI


What kind of entrance do you want Lady Gaga to make tonight? “I’d like to see her perform one of the songs from the musical hit Free to Be You and Me, which was a play that I was in when I was 11.” I bet she’d do it if you asked. “We’ll see. She really wasn’t taking suggestions at the Met ball a couple years ago.” —NATE BERKUS


Are you nervous about going onstage tonight? “I’m terrified. I’m terrified! I’m used to carrying a notebook and a pencil, not making speeches, so I’m feeling very nervous.” —HILARY ALEXANDER


Do you have any good stories about Lady Gaga? “I’ve seen Gaga now in concert five times. I’m a little bit obsessed with her. I haven’t met her, which is weird because we went to high school across the street from each other; she went to Marymount, and I went to Spence.” —KERRY WASHINGTON

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