PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Season-Eight Premiere of HBO’s ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

Time Warner Screening Room and the Porter House. July 6, 2011. By Shira Levine

You have surprisingly blue eyes. They don’t come across on TV. “When people wear glasses, their eyes are hidden, generally. My very best feature is hidden, which is truly a shame.” —LARRY DAVID


After doing the five episodes in NYC, would you consider living here? “I love New York and I’ve always wanted to live here. I tried buying a place once and the guy was an asshole. It didn’t work out.” —JEFF GARLIN


Is there ever too dark a space for sunglasses? “No way. I am protecting you. I am keeping brightness from my eyes, but I am also keeping my light from blinding you.” —J.B. SMOOVE


Do fans sometimes forget that you have never actually been married to Larry David? “Even when I’m at the grocery store, they come right up to me and ask where Larry is and I just have to tell them, ‘I really don’t know.’” —CHERYL HINES


How is it that you don’t have a role yet on the show when your voice is so similar to Susie Essman’s? “I think they should hire me to play Susie’s sister. I got the voice. I can scream, ‘You fat fuck!’ the same way she does.” —JOY BEHAR


What do fans of The Daily Show say when they come up to you? Do they want you to be your character on the show? “People want me to insult them all the time and I’m not really a rude person like that. But I need approval. I’m desperately seeking approval and they need me to insult them.” —AASIF MANDVI

party lines image