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U.S. Premiere of ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2’

Avery Fisher Hall. July 12, 2011. By Jada Yuan

In a way, are you glad it’s over? “Very, I suppose. I mean, ten years is long enough to spend with one character, and it’s been just a complete pleasure and a privilege, but I am ready to move on.” —DANIEL RADCLIFFE


Did you manage to sneak anything off set as a souvenir? “Like a couple Nimbus brooms up my trouser legs? No, there wasn’t much of a chance for it…I wanted to get a wand, but those are on lock down.” —TOM FELTON


Are your glasses an homage to Harry Potter’s? “No, Harry Potter’s glasses are exactly like mine. I think I’m a little older than Harry.” Do you feel like he copped your style? “No, man. He’s a wizard. He doesn’t need me.” —WHOOPI GOLDBERG (Jim Spellman/WireImage)


How are you going to mourn the end of Harry Potter? “I will cry. And I live in Orlando, so I may go back there and ride the Harry Potter ride a few more times. It’s awesome.” —JOEY FATONE


What were you like ten years ago when the first movie came out? “Ten years ago was not that bad, because I’m 39, but if we went back 15 years ago, it was a little scary. When I was in high school, my hair was dark and I’d curl it down. I looked like Menudo.” —JAY MANUEL


Did you get to take any props? “No. Jo Rowling gave me a Scottish cup, a silver bowl engraved with her thanks for how I wrote Hermione. I got that a few years ago from her, and that’s probably my most cherished object from Potter. The first day we met, I leaned over to her in this big meeting and said, ‘I should tell you, Harry is not my favorite character…it’s Hermione.’ We were kind of bonded from that day forward.” —STEVE KLOVES


Is it hard for you to say goodbye to all of this? “No. The point is that good writing finishes. A good story has to finish. So you’ve got to celebrate that. Now Daniel is dancing on Broadway. That’s how it’s meant to be. He took the baton and ran with it.” —ALAN RICKMAN


How has your character, Neville Longbottom, changed? “He gets to really go out on a high. He’s got the respect of all the students now. He leads by example. It was a lot of fun to do.” —MATTHEW LEWIS


What strikes you most when you see pictures of the cast from ten years ago? “How they remain very much the same humble, decent people they were back then. Yesterday, a girl asked us, ‘Is the magic in the films real?’ And Emma said, ‘There was magic in the making of these films, and as Dumbledore says, ‘Just because it’s in your head doesn’t make it any less real.’” —DAVID HEYMAN


Does it blow your mind that people have been waiting out here for six days? “It does and it doesn’t. People really have grown up with the series and it means something to them, personally, that it’s coming to an end. I get it.” —EMMA WATSON

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