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‘Glamour’ Honors Heidi Klum

B&B Wine Bar. July 21, 2011. By Tory Hoen

If you could put anyone on the cover of Glamour, living or dead, who would it be? “This will make me sound exceedingly shallow, but I could just look at pictures of Kate Middleton all day. But that sounds too shallow. So, Mahatma Gandhi.” —CINDI LEIVE


You’ve been doing lots of running lately for your new AOL lifestyle site. Who’s been your best workout partner so far? “I have to say, Kim Kardashian. I didn’t know how athletic she is.” Do you wear makeup during your workouts? “No, but I wear my glasses. Because people know that I run, and they know my routine now, so they photograph us. They look for the moment when you look into the sun and you’re squinting, or whatever, so I wear glasses. And Kim didn’t wear any makeup, either.” —HEIDI KLUM


Have you seen any horrendous summer outfits lately? “In the summer we have a lot of interns, and it is an army of very, very short shorts. I understand shorts, and maybe I’m old-fashioned, but when the butt cheek is exposed, I don’t know. Some people have a better butt cheek to expose than others.” —MICHAEL KORS



Any big projects coming up? “I’m doing a photo shoot with Jane Birkin and Lou Doillon. Jane, to me, is a huge icon of fashion and style, so I’m excited about that.” —ANNE CHRISTENSEN



You guys are growing pretty quickly these days. What’s next? “We’re opening another store in Boston, maybe a store in London. We’re also launching handbags for fall, closely followed by world domination.” —MARCUS WAINWRIGHT



How do you outfit yourself during a heat wave like this one? “We make sure we have air-conditioning. At the end of the day, it could be freezing cold and raining, so we don’t really complain.” —DAVID NEVILLE

party lines image