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Launch of Charlotte Ronson’s Sephora Beauty Line

Hotel Chantelle. August 29, 2011. By Bennett Marcus

Were any of your friends surprised when you named one of your beauty products for them? “I don’t know about surprised. Maybe flattered. I had to ask them, and get a few approval signatures.” —CHARLOTTE RONSON


Do you have any weird beauty rituals? “I love any sort of product like, if I were to read that if I put avocado all over my face right now and let it stay on until tomorrow my makeup would set better, I’d probably try it.” —DANI STAHL


I read that you go on fishing trips with your dad. Do you have any stuffed fish hanging on the wall? “I have a fake swordfish above my bed and I tell people that I caught it, but I didn’t.” Do you touch the bait, like worms? “Shrimp, yeah, sure. I’m pretty fearless about that.” —HARLEY VIERA-NEWTON (Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)


JOSH MADDEN (Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

Charlotte Ronson named a hair product after you. “Yes. It’s called ‘beach head,’ something like that.” Did you advise her on it? “No, I think she only had to look at me. I’m that messy-haired person.” —ANN DEXTER-JONES


What’s your biggest makeup faux pas? “I played a concert once and there was lipstick all across my face. It was in London, and you could see on TV smeared all the way across my face from the microphone.” Is that on YouTube now? “Yes.” —SKY FERREIRA



Were you okay during the hurricane? “Rainwater leaked through one of our windows, so we had a downpour in our apartment, on the piano. I made him get out of bed to fix it.” —DREA DE MATTEO “I’ve spilled more bong water than that.” —SHOOTER JENNINGS (Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

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