PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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party lines image

FIT Couture Council Luncheon Honoring Valentino

David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center. September 7, 2011. By Bennett Marcus

We heard someone’s making a Broadway musical about your life? “No. There is talk, because, I don’t know, people are excited to see that I’m still around. I don’t know, maybe they’re thinking about a musical. Why not?” —VALENTINO


Do you miss the McQueen pieces that have been in Savage Beauty? “Of course not! I like people to see them, that’s what they’re there for, you know. It’s like, you know what, none of us are here forever; I think it’s terrible when people just hoard. And I’m a terrible hoarder, I mean, I keep like, newspapers from 1976 or whatever, but that is a different thing.” —DAPHNE GUINNESS


How is fatherhood going? “Very well. They’re two fantastic girls, they don’t give me any problems, they already kind of sleep at night, so it’s quite fantastic. But the quantity of clothes and diapers and food they produce and they use is unbelievable.” —STEFANO TONCHI



Did people really wear cowboy boots and jeans to Lauren Bush’s wedding? “Oh yeah. For the reception dinner it was Western theme, so we were all wearing cowboy boots.” Did you? “I did. I tried - as much as a New Yorker can do Western.” —IVANKA TRUMP



Do you get to see your family at all during Fashion Week? “I’m really trying to balance it. It’s actually the Ralph Lauren kids’ show today, so I have to get my kids ready to go to the Ralph Lauren show, and they’re going to be in the front row! So I have to do those exciting fun things with them, and then I stay up till four o’clock in the morning finishing my work.” —STEPHANIE WINSTON-WOLKOFF



Did a lot of people see your spread in Architectural Digest? “Oh my god, absolutely. I had people who crawled out of the woodwork, people I hadn’t seen in years. And then with the piece in the New York Times, I think that’s the way to raise the dead; you get an article in the New York Times, and people you haven’t seen, it’s like Lazarus.” —IRIS APFEL


What’s with the beard? “Because I wear a lot of flowery shirts, when I am out and about people often say, ‘Good morning, madam.’ But now with the beard they don’t. It’s amazing what a beard will do; the ‘good morning madams’ came screeching to a halt.” —SIMON DOONAN

party lines image