PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Casting Society of America’s 27th Annual Artios Awards

District 36. September 26, 2011. By Bennett Marcus

Any funny casting-call stories? “I once did an audition where they thought I was someone else. At the end, they were like, ‘Thank you, so-and-so,’ and I was, like, ‘I’m not that person.’” —RACHEL GRIFFITHS


Funniest casting-call story? “I was auditioning for the cast of Mamma Mia, and it was the dance call and I am not a dancer. So I lifted my shirt and did a belly dance, which is a secret skill. It did not go over well.” —JONATHAN GROFF


Any funny casting-call stories? “He almost made me miss my curtain helping me on an audition. Remember that?” —MAMIE GUMMER “Oh yeah. I was your reader, and we just had such chemistry.” —BENJAMIN WALKER


What is your funniest or most absurd casting story? “Everything. When you look at my career, you see some of the things I’ve done, you kinda go, ‘Really?’ Yeah. Yeah, they cast me.” —WHOOPI GOLDBERG


Any funny casting-call stories? “Starting out, everything that I ever went in for, I always had an accent. I was always playing an immigrant. So they never knew that I actually spoke English. Or that I was born in New York.” —LUCY LIU


What do you think of cell service being introduced to subway platforms? “I love having a moment away from my cell phone. Please, no!” —LILY RABE


They’re introducing cell service on the subway platforms. Thoughts? “I think it’s a disastrous idea, because I write on the subway. It’s the only place where I cannot check e-mail and tweet incessantly; it’s my last safe haven.” —LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA


What’s your funniest casting-call story? “I went to a Dr. Pepper audition, and there was a line that was, like, three hours long out the door. I waited for probably an hour until I was just, like, You know what? I don’t even like Dr. Pepper.” —HUNTER PARRISH

party lines image