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WGSN Global Fashion Awards

Gotham Hall. October 20, 2011. By Jenni Avins

What’s the most ridiculous trend you’ve ever participated in? “An early incarnation of hot pants. Hot pants with high socks that went up to your thighs, and clogs. I was a young editor at Mademoiselle at the time, so I probably got away with it. But when I look back at those pictures I want to die. ” —FERN MALLIS (Mark Von Holden/Getty Images)

JESSICA WHITE (Mark Von Holden/Getty Images)

What’s inspiring your clothing designs these days? “A lot of Beatles influence. Like 1969, with loads of caftans.” Have you been wearing caftans? “Yeah. I wore one at a concert.” —LIAM GALLAGHER (Mark Von Holden/Getty Images)

ANNA SUI (Mark Von Holden/Getty Images)

CHARLOTTE RONSON (Mark Von Holden/Getty Images)

Are there any trends you absolutely hate? “I hate capri pants on everybody. They only look good on Audrey Hepburn. They will never look good on anyone else. Get rid of them. Stop making them. If you’re short, they make you look shorter; if you’re tall, they make you look like your pants shrunk.” —ROBERT VERDI (Mark Von Holden/Getty Images)

EUGENIA SILVA (Mark Von Holden/Getty Images)

BRAD GORESKI (Mark Von Holden/Getty Images)

So you have an upcoming role in What to Expect When You’re Expecting? “Yeah! I’m dancing in it, which is fun. I had to learn a disco dance. I’m in one scene of it.” —WHITNEY PORT (Mark Von Holden/Getty Images)

NADJA SWAROVSKI (Mark Von Holden/Getty Images)

BIBHU MOHAPATRA (Mark Von Holden/Getty Images)

You were just on Top Model! How was it? “I was pretty nervous, because that’s not my realm. I’m not TV. A photo shoot, you see the end result. With TV, you watch the whole result. I wanted to see how they would mash it all together because there’s tons of stories that they still didn’t show, and it’s just interesting which ones they picked.” —COCO ROCHA (Mark Von Holden/Getty Images)

SARAH ROSEN (Mark Von Holden/Getty Images)

STEPHANIE WINSTON WOLKOFF (Mark Von Holden/Getty Images)

Have you ever had a really regrettable fashion moment? “I wore a vintage gold sequined jumpsuit. It sounds fantastic. I thought in my mind that I looked like Iman, but I was pretty far from that.” —MARY ALICE STEPHENSON (Mark Von Holden/Getty Images)

MALAN BRETON (Mark Von Holden/Getty Images)

So you’ve just started a fashion line? “Yes. It’s still very private. We’re just trying to find the right way to make it public. I want to do it right, and I’m still learning so much that I want to remain humble and not presume to know everything because I know nothing!” —ARIANA ROCKEFELLER (Mark Von Holden/Getty Images)

party lines image